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Information about University of Wollongong (Australia) 

Situated in the coastal city of Wollongong, the University of Wollongong is an Australian public research university. Found approximately 80 kilometers south of Sydney, the university was found in the year 1951. The university, currently, has an enrollment of more than 32,000 students with about 12,800 of them being international ones flying in from 134 international countries. 

It also has an alumni base of successful students of 131,859. Spread over nine domestic campuses and four international centers the university has conferred a total of slightly more than 120,000 certificates, diplomas and degrees. Its students, originally a miserly 300 was predominantly located in the local Illawarra region.

Originally founded as a provincial feeder college known as the provider of the best technical education for metallurgists and engineers that was required to train the work force that later went to work in the region's active steel industry. 

Starting with only 300 students in a dingy building the university now has a wide range of courses to offer from its five faculties. The subjects that are taught in these faculties are business, engineering and information sciences, science, medicine and health, social sciences and the law, humanities and the arts. These faculties incorporate about 40 teaching units with over 900 academic members and 1,900 miscellaneous staff.

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