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You have two options to produce your poster: you can use some sort of presentation software to create the poster. We suggest using MS PowerPoint, but you can use other software if you wish, so long as it produces an uploadable file which can be opened and viewed upon clicking. Alternatively you can actually create the poster on paper, and then take a clear, good quality photo of the poster, and upload that file.

Your poster must have two slides:

Slide 1: must contain the information regarding the community health issue, which must include:

-an identification of the target population
-the burden of disease or burden of the issue
-relevant social determinants
-details about a prevention program or relevant strategies to inform, educate and empower the community to contribute to and improve health

Slide 2: This slide must contain your reference list for the poster.

Your poster should be eye-catching, and should be aimed at the community level. This means that your language and data should be targeted at people who may have no specialist or disciplinary knowledge. Make sure that you use policy documents to inform your poster information, and use peer reviewed research or evidence to establish the effectiveness of your proposed strategies. References for this evidence are to be provided on the second, separate slide/page.


The viva is a five-minute oral presentation of your poster.  You must present as though you are a community public health worker, communicating the purpose of the poster to a panel of stakeholders, and discussing the data supporting the messages provided in the poster. Importantly, this means that your presentation is not about you just ‘reading’ your poster. Your OCF will also ask questions about your information.

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