UO Public Health: HLTH 3060 Task 3 Evaluation Plan Answer

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UO Public Health

HLTH 3060

Task 3: Evaluation plan

You'll complete this task at the end of Week 7.

In this task, you'll construct and justify a comprehensive evaluation plan for a health promotion program, in a fictional town. 

Start by going to the mock website for the coastal town of Wave Bay. 

Explore the details of the town demographics and services. You'll find a link to Special Projects: read and note the details of the intended health promotion program called Waving to the future: our people, our health, our priority. 

The aim of the Waving to the Future program is to target the current level of non-communicable diseases in the Wave Bay area. The question is: how can the project group evaluate whether or not this program has been successful? In other words, how will they know if it’s working ... or not?

Based on the information provided in the Wave Bay scenario, construct and justify a comprehensive evaluation plan, detailing process evaluations, impact evaluations and outcome evaluations. Your entire plan should be about 1000 words long. 

Your plan should be succinct, clearly and logically structured, and contain no grammatical or other errors of expression. 

You must correctly reference any sources which you used to help with your plan (see the Referencing section below).

Produce your plan as a Word or PDF document, uploaded to the submission link at the bottom of the Week 7 content.

Refer to the rubric below to see how your assessment will be marked.

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