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Task 4: Reflection

At the end of any course, it’s important to recognise what you've learned, and to consider how this might be useful in your future, both professionally and personally.

At the start of this course, in the first task for this portfolio, we asked you to consider what you thought the single most important public health issue was, and why. Go back and look again at that first task: the discussion forum in Week 1. Review what you wrote, and what other students wrote to you in their responses.

Based on what you've learnt, has your view changed as you’ve progressed through this course?

Produce a piece of writing which reflects on what you've learnt, and whether your ideas have changed since then. Your reflection must at least answer the questions below, but you're welcome to add more information if you think it’s valuable.

1. Have you changed your view on what you think is the most important issue in public health? If so, how?

2. What is your single biggest or most important point of learning from this course?

3. In what way have you been challenged?

4. Has this course changed the way you view health generally? If so, how?

5. How do you intend to incorporate public health principles in your future practice?

Your final reflection should be about 500 words long.

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