Urban Planning And Development

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MGT8070 2017 s1 Assessment


Assessment consists of:
● formative self-assessment questions (no marks are allocated)
● summative assignments (marks are allocated).
Formative assessment:
In an endeavour to enable you to progressively assess your level of knowledge of the subject areas, self-assessment questions may be included with some modules. These questions are formative – they have no marks allocated to them. They do not form part of the formal course assessment and answers should not be submitted for marking. If they are diligently completed they will be of value in assisting you to achieve the required understanding.
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Self-assessment questions:
External study is a rewarding way of gaining an insight into the discipline. You will find that a well-structured study programme is essential.
In an endeavour to enable you to assess your level of knowledge of the subject areas, self-assessment questions are included with some modules.
These questions do not form part of the course final assessment and should not be submitted for correction. If they are diligently completed they will be of great value in assisting you to achieve the required understanding.

Body of assignment
● This is an academic assignment, so it is essential that your statements be justified by relevant academic theory. For example, don’t just use terms like ‘stakeholder’– explain why you selected those terms, and the academic theory to justify their use.
● A major failing of students is to simply ‘describe’ the processes that have happened. At postgraduate level, you are expected to be able to apply recognised theory to analyse situations, and form opinions. You will often find conflicting opinions from so-called ‘experts’. You should be developing analytical and communication skills.
● Students coming from other universities, and especially overseas students, find this need for ‘analysis’ the most difficult transition to make to Australian university study. You are expected to use your judgement to analyse problems, make value judgements as to whether it is good or bad (or both), use existing academic theory from a range of sources to justify your position, and to argue whether something is valid or not. In the study of management, there are no right nor wrong answers, only lots of opinions, many of which change over a period of time. Show that you can act as managers, and communicate your opinions.

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The project about the Karratha Health Campus has done a biggest investment in the public hospital sector and it helps the population to take help and suggestion from this sector. The service is helping people to a great extend as the project is dealing with the public interest and it is serving the service towards the people of WA. The project invested $207.15 million to serve the best value to the customers. This public hospital undertakes this project to help people in regional WA. in this study, the main study will evolve with the consideration of the Karratha Health Campus and the initiatives of the organization and the process they have taken to serve the best service to the customers (Ficko & Boncina, 2015). The entire process will revolve around the property development and in this process; they have considered the urban planning, community planning, traffic planning and most importantly the environmental planning. 


The background of this property development project is with the help of the Government and other public sector the organization untaken this process and with day the organization is increasing its base to serve the customer in more strategic way. The project base work has taken the consideration of the regional WA. Both in the public sector and by enlarging the value the organization is evolving out and it is getting improved. The partnership for each project and the association of the other helping authorities are a support to this project to fulfill its each criteria and to serve the customer the best value. The WA project has taken the initiatives to provide the accessible health and public sector services to the regional population and the quality living and health to the workforce as well as the population. 

The strategic planning, considerations of the organization and most importantly the policies and priorities will help it in future to grow and provide service that is more valuable to the customers. There are some of the important aspects that the organization need to consider, the involvement of the owners and the managers along with the consumers who will avail the service in future give the strategic viewpoint for the property development process (Schroth, Pond & Sheppard, 2015). 

The property development process needs to consider the risk management along with the extra care and the appropriate expertise so that the project become the valuable and best for usage. The wide range of services from the entire project management, which covers all the facts of a property development sector visualizes on the specifically on areas where the additional requirement and skills are highly needed. For the project management criteria especially the view of the property management the organization need to minimize the risk and then it will go for the projection form planning to implementation process (Alexander, 2014). The financial aspects are the most important criteria in this factor and it operates from taking the important financial strategies. 

The significance of planning on property development: 

The Karratha project is expanding day by day and the urban Planning, Community Planning, Traffic Planning and Environmental Planning all taken into consideration in this entire process. In the property planning process the main considerate is urban planning is very much important as the Karratha project is a health care based project that has been engaged to the construction base and manage to take the Capital Square Tower 1 and it is situated in Australia. The project consists of 32 levels of premium grade office space and a NLA of 54,000 m2. The basement level and the other things are the main essential thing in this process. With the rooms and other accommodations there are other things associated with the project they have the kitchen and dining facilities. 

The technical and political aspects are the main thing in urban planning and the proper use of planning permission, protection and the use of the environment with relation to the environment protection like the air, water and infrastructure passing into the urban structure. Urban planning is also includes urban and regional planning, regional planning, town planning and the rural planning (DeGregory et al. 2015). The various areas of the population get referred in the urban population structure. The proper structure and the formation get followed in the urban design and maintaining the structure for the urban population. For every project and property planning it is important to generate understanding among employees, laborers, leaders and management team. Therefore, it is important for the property development team in understanding the practices of planning and development in relation to the social, economic, cultural factors.

Urban planning and regional planning:

The urban planning in the project management and the urban planning guides orderly development of the urban, su8berban and the rural areas. The settlements and the community is largely defined in the property development process. Public consultation, landscape and the architecture composed into the planning form for the policy recommendations, implementation of the work and the management of the entire process helps to curve the urban population planning (Lai et al. 2015). The main management structure can focus on the broader category when it visualizes the perfect scope for the land use planning, zoning, economic development and the transportation planning. The urban planning is a separate, independent and t5he professional discipline (Ruan, et al. 2017). This discipline is the wider category can consider the natural environment significance.

Community planning:

 The community planning in the property development consists of the public participatory and it will take the consideration of the interactive form of town or neighborhood planning and the design of the main course that will affect the community as a diverse method. The formulation of goals, objectives to fulfill the strategic basement and most importantly the reevaluation is the most essential part of this entire process. The logical development of the community development planning gets the support from public resources. The increase in local burdens can hamper the process but this project and with the will strategic view, the project can meet the challenges and finally will put the insight to the community development planning (Sheppard et al. 2013). The community will help the process of allocating the resources in proper manner and eventually it will generate the participation in the proposed allocation and it will strategically achieve the structure for the community-defined goals. This project will provide the aspect for the future development and the Concedes Policy which will directly help the statement of the property development. 

Traffic planning:

Transportation and traffic planning assesses the design, road structure, lanes and highways during project management and development (Son & Kim, 2015). Traffic planning in relation to property development refers to the way the property developer arrange the policies, goals, investments that help in preparing future needs that will foster the transportation of goods, materials from one place to another. Planning transportation system helps in facilitating services and goods to the referred destinations. It is marketing strategy enabled by the management and property development team generally in public and private business enterprise. Every project development agency has their transportation planner who plans, determines, examines, and identifies the general outcomes and whether it will negatively or positively impact and influence the project development. Transportation planning has facilitated rational planning models that will act as an alternative in the evaluation of project plans. Other traffic and transportation models that are prepared along planning of project development are rational and oriented development, incremental planning, collaborative planning etc. Transportation planners need to analyze the environmental factors in determining transformational planning. 

The planning should not affect the environment around and cause harmful effects on the human lives. The transport planner needs to shift its transformation towards the promotion of sustainability and contribute to the country’s transport laws and policies. The transportation planning should be responsible in maintain environmental integrity and ecosystem and reduce risk growth and any environmental damage. in meeting the road and transport expense, the developer needs to manage the expense and find investors and shareholders who will fund post the transport planning. The transport and traffic planning should benefit the overall development as it is one of the major factors that attracts and appeal the customers and buyers. In reference to the transportation planning, the project developer needs to eventually manage and control the environmental planning.

Environmental planning:

Environmental planning helps in making decisions in relation to land development. It facilitates the planning in consideration with political, economic and social factors. The environmental planner creates sustainable benefits that help in preserving the natural environment. Environmental planning deals with the decision making process during the project management (Healey, 2013). Environmental planning helps with the management of the several of these processes aligned to the project development in an effective, systematic and transparent manner for the benefit of environment. In recent times, environmental planning practices results continuous refinement and strategic planning, and expansion of the scope in relation to the decision making processes. There are several elements in the contemporary environmental planning such as socio-economic development, cultural and ethnic development, regional; and urban development, management of resources and natural resource management. 

Economic or financial planning:

The long term plans of the health care organization in regards to the economic and financial planning is an incumbent from the governmental bodies of the country. It is important in taking the initiative for the population and to strategize the plan for any organization about their financial planning. Economic planning is a part and usually is addressed for the incretion of public projects. 

Social planning:

Social planning is a procedure incorporated by the health care project developer that the community will be able to identify the strength and weakness in determining the ways to develop the prospect about the quality life. The social planning incorporates the life of the community to a greater extent. 

The planning of the Karratha health project will provide positive guidelines for such proposal as it will help the population as they will get the direct help and be natures from the government and other public sectors. The health care campus has invested a large amount of money in its maintenance of infrastructure as they have included emergency departments in multiple places, a state of the act CT Scanner, a new surgical centre, new maternity wing and the delivery suites and the most important one is the establishment of helipad.  The expanded outpatient facilities in the health care centre serve the population and meet their need. 

In addition, the outstanding emergency sectors and the hospital care units provide a comprehensive one stop shop for the delivery of much needed health service and health nursing. Karratha health project construction, has begun in the mid of 2015 and will be continuing lately until 2017 as the health care is expecting to expand the patient care by the end of 2018. In that way the planning will get to see a new dimension towards strategic view to serve fort the customer help with consideration of putting an impact on larger and widening services. The facility provided by the Karratha Project that brings together a variety of health care services and that provides in the establishment of forty hospital beds, emergency departments, ambulatory care sector, surgical care centre and health facilities and medical care and maternity wing. It is also accessible to the remote area where people will be able to avail services. The Karrtha health acre project thereby will be able to fulfill the development considerations in meeting environmental, community, aesthetics and ethical, amenity needs. 


Property management and development can be privately and governmentally owned and sometimes publically owned and access by the commoners. The property development needs strategic planning through several professional planners. The planners in relation to the project management play the most important role. The project developer needs to identify the policies, rights, flexibility, sources in planning any project. From the above study it is observed that the environmental, social and cultural factors adhere to the growth and development of the planning therefore, the manager and the development team needs to identify and analyze the factors governing the development and planning. 

However, it is important for the company in planning serving the public interest and maintains social and environmental integrity. In planning any project it is important to follow the country’s rights, laws and rules and should not disobey them at any cost also the planning should adhere to the use of the natural raw materials that would not deplete or deteriorate environment. Use of reused and recycle natural sources will help in generating trust among customers. The planning needs to restrict the shift of assets and preserve the assets, materials, and resources in preserving indigenous control.


The planning needs to implement environmental friendly technology during property development and should approach in benefiting and serving public and community interest. The planning can adhere to the lifecycle model that will enable sustainable development without harming the environment. The developer and the development team needs to use functional specifications and modifications that will examine as to what will be built. Before beginning the development, with the help of professionals it is important to first sketch a design and then analyzes and examine (Albrechts, 2015). 

Then, the drawbacks can be analyzed and be fixed. In addition the planning management need to investigate and enquire the platform or the site capabilities and plan in reference to the capability of the area assigned. The different stages such as identification, designing, implementation, evaluation needs to be assessed before staging the process.As examined planning involves a series of steps and the steps needs to first examine as to how the company will be able to achieve and accomplish the company’s targeted goals. The goal or the set of goals needs to be identified within the fixed and structured strategic plan undertaken by the developer and the planner (Pereverza et al. 2017). Project plans can adhere in meeting community goals and evaluate the action strategies developed through community interests and requirements that can be conducted through group communities and board meetings. 

The planning process needs to assess the materials, funds required for the infrastructural development and report it to the investors, owner and keep the confidential accounts safe and secure. For any planning of property it is important to identify specific community problems that might cause issues among the people in and around. The property development plan needs to creates a work plan and address the possible consequences and problems that might arise post the completion. It should then analyze and record the measurable beneficial impacts that the development would cause while determining the level of resources or funding necessary in implementing the project and effect strategic design (Alexander, 2014).