Using Calculated Fields And Maps For Research Assignment 5 Answer

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Assignment 5 (Individual): Using calculated fields

                                                   and Maps for research 

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze data using Proportional Brushing

Assignment Overview

In Tableau, create an interactive map that shows the profitability of various segments(note you will have to use the segments

variable on the dimensions pane)by state. Write a one-page report(11 font, one and a half space) discussing your findings and provide very brief recommendations on the basis of your analysis.

Your submission should include the .twb file and a Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF file.

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Answer :

Assignment 5 – Using calculated fields and Maps for research

I have made 5 worksheets of Map, Sales/Profit, Profit/Region, Sales/State & Category of sales. I considered these to identify which areas result in the greatest number of sales and through which the greatest number of profits comes. Also, to check which category yields the maximum number of sales and also check which states play the most significant role in sales and profit.

All the worksheets in the dashboard have filters activated. So, if we click any particular region in a map then all the other worksheet shows results of that particular region only.

Findings: According to my finding, the maximum sales come from Australia and the maximum profit comes from the central region, with France being the most profitable country and in France, the most profitable state is Ile-de-France with office supplies being the most profitable whereas, technology has the maximum number of sales.

Similarly, if we see the African continent, South Africa has the maximum number of sales but Democratic Republic of the Congo yields the greatest number of profits, wherein, Kinshasa is the most profitable state of Democratic Republic of the Congo.

So, activating filters basically helps to drill down information from the top to get the useful insights of any particular region or country. Here we can apply filter at anything and the worksheets will show results of that particular field which would help us in decision making eventually.

Recommendations: Seeing the profit and sales worksheet, it is easily seen that there is a lot of scope in the regions like, West, East, Africa, EMEA and Canada as there are requirements but sales and profits are not showing it properly.

There are good figures in the regions of Central Asia, Oceania, South, Caribbean and South East Asia but there is still good room to have great sales and profit figures from these regions.

There are some great numbers from Central, North and North Asia.

So the companies should focus and divest their money from great markets to not so good market so that they can increase their market share. Whereas, in good markets their share is already increasing at a constant rate so they should continue the same way to grow in those regions.