WIL802 Work-Integrated Learning: Development Plan Assessment 1 Answer

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Subject TitleWork-integrated Learning - 2
Subject CodeWIL802
Assessment 1 TitleDevelopment Plan
Graduate Capabilities
  1. Professional Expertise
  2. Innovative Problem Solving
  3. Technology and Information Literacy
  4. Global Citizenship
  5. Skilled Collaboration
  6. Agile Leadership
  7. Independent Self-Management
Learning Outcome/s (found in the Subject Outline)a. Apply employability skills consistently in a variety of professional settings
d. Rate the placement experience against the STAR model
e. Evaluate the relevance of professional experience to lifelong learning
Assessment typeIndividual
Weighting %20%

Body: Demonstrate and Develop - 400 words total guide

Part A: Demonstrate a Strength - 300 words guide

Choose one employability skill that you have acquired. Write one paragraph that demonstrates your application of this employability skill using the STAR model as the underlying framework.

Part B: Develop a Gap - 300 words guide

Choose one employability skill that you consider a gap in need of further development.

Outline two actions you have to do to develop this skill. This may include training programs, allocating time to self-study, building broader work relationships, networking, observing more experienced people, on- going practice, cross-training or volunteering. Provide context, be specific.

For each action, identify what resources or support you might need to make it happen. This may include advice, support from senior colleagues, financial support or additional allocation of time. Provide context, be specific.

For each action, identify how you would measure success. This may include feedback, self-appraisal, improved knowledge, task completion or training completion. Provide context, be specific.

For each action, identify a near-term target date for self-review. This can be represented succinctly in a table format:

Development plan

Conclusion - 200 words guide

Wrap-up your development plan. Why is important you develop the skill gap identified? How might it benefit you in your future career? Finally, briefly suggest one action to further develop the skill you identified as a strength.

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