WIL802 Work-Integrated Learning: Scenario Analysis Of Critical Incident Assessment 2 Answer

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Subject TitleWork-integrated Learning - 2
Subject CodeWIL802
Assessment 2 TitleScenario Analysis (Critical Incident)
Graduate Capabilities
  1. Professional Expertise
  2. Innovative Problem Solving
  3. Technology and Information Literacy
  4. Global Citizenship
  5. Skilled Collaboration
  6. Agile Leadership
  7. Independent Self-Management
Learning Outcome/s (found in the Subject Outline)
  1. Apply employability skills consistently in a variety of professional settings
  2. Analyse an incident occurring in the professional setting
  3. Assess how businesses adapt to change
Assessment typeIndividual
Weighting %40%
Word count1,500-1,750 words
Assessment instructionsThe purpose of this assessment is to provide the opportunity for students to explore a critical incident that occurred on placement to provide learning insights about their work, about the management of organisation and people, or about their own values and attitudes.
Critical incident analysis helps you look beyond the experience of the incident to the meaning of the incident.
A critical incident is an incident on placement that has significance to you. It can be an event that made you stop and think, or one that raised questions about your organisation, its people or processes, or about your interaction(s) within the organisation. It may have made you question an aspect of your beliefs, values, attitude or behaviour. It is an incident which in some way has had a significant impact on your personal and professional development.
Students will also assess the organisation’s ability to adapt to change and whether the critical incident has led, or should lead to, change.
This will be assessed via the following:

You have progressed in your placement, critical incidents will have occurred that have had an impact on your personal and professional development. Such critical incidents represent opportunities for reflection, analysis and learning.
Refer to the framework, instructions and prompt questions below to help explore your chosen critical incident:
Account of the Critical Incident - 300 words guideProvide context for the critical incident.
When, where, what happened and who was involved? What was your involvement with the critical incident?
Why was the incident critical / significant to you?
\Initial Responses to the Critical Incident - 300 words guide
What were your thoughts, feelings, concerns at the time of this incident?
What were the responses of other key individuals to this incident? If not known, what do you think these might have been?
Issues/Dilemmas highlighted by Critical Incident - 300 words guide What practice dilemmas were identified as a result of this incident? Which values and/or ethical issues are highlighted by this incident?
Arethere implications for inter-disciplinary and/or inter-agency collaborations which you have identified as a result of this incident?

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