Write C.V. And Cover Letter To Apply For An Internship At Leveret Freight

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Task A: Write a C.V. that would be appropriate for a specific job.

Task B: Write a covering letter that would allow you to apply for a specific job.

Task C: Read the customer feedback for expression, Pizza and write it into a formal explanation.

Task D: Using the online Library, answer the questions to demonstrate your ability to incorporate references into your work.

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Answer :

Task A 


Mobile No: 

Email Id: 

Date of Birth: 16th September, 1992 (24 years)

Religion: Christian

Father’s Name: 

Marital status: 

Address: Birmingham Street, UK

Pursuing Graduation Diploma in Management- Fresher       Specialisation- Marketing 


Board/   University
10th Standard
Red Lion   Area Senior High School
UK   Educational Board
12th   Standard
Red Lion   Area Senior High School
UK   Educational Board
Diploma   in Management
Birmingham   City University
Birmingham   City University

Additional Qualification:

  • Cleared TOEFL examination in 2014
  • Cleared IELTS examination
  • Cleared GMAT examination
  • Certificated in Diploma course in web designing.  


Effectively Presents a management project in UK seminar and achieve the best Project Award from President of UK in 2015.

I have achieved the second position in GMAT examination and I score high in TOEFL exam.

I achieve the best score award for good ranking in IELTS examination. 

Successfully present a business project at AMBA accredited MBA programs and awarded for the best project. 

I played badminton championship in national level and win the final level. 


Love to read the storybook, Listening music, interested in sports, scuba diving and join language class to learn Spanish. 

I feel interested in swimming, computing, chess and squash. I also love to solve puzzles. 

I like to participate in determination activities like running, cycling, climbing and love to participate in brain activities. 

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Attended management seminar at UK business schools
  • Learned advanced Excel and Web designing.
  • Participated in national sports and attend national level of badminton.
  • Attend AMBA accredited MBA programs in the UK.


  • I joined a six-month certification in management course from Government affiliated organisation. 
  •  Certified in six-month training course on management and IT from government organisation. 

Career objectives:

To pursue a challenging career and be a part of a well-established organisation that gives a  chance to show my skills, efficiency and to reach the top level by hard work, dedication and a strong determination. I would also like to provide a positive contribution towards your industry with professional growth and with sporting spirit. 

Areas of Interest:

The field of Internship management

Data management system

Operational manager post

Management faculty in a reputed organisation. 

Language skill: Fluent in English, Latin, French and recently start to learn Spanish. 

Working experience:

I am a fresher and still I have not worked for any organisation. I have knowledge about the working environment as I joined Business school in the UK for few month and take  a training on internship management.

Computer skill:

  • I have Knowledge in  Ms Office (Ms excel, Ms word)
  •  I have Knowledge in PowerPoint presentation
  •  I have Knowledge in JAVA
  • Knowledge in advanced excels
  • I have learned tally ERP 99

Technical skill

I have experience in the statistical analysis system, PowerPoint presentation.

I have professional experience in internet browsing, ethical data hacking.

I learn Operating systems such as windows, UNIX, and LINUX.


All the information, data provided here do not violate any legislation and ethical rules of the Government. All the documents that have been attached with this Curriculum vita are true and correct.  

Task B 


Address: Birmingham Street, UK

Contact No: 

Email Id: 

Date: 04/12/2016

Respected Sir/ Ma’am,

I would like to inform you that I have read about your internship program and I want to enrol my name as management apprentice at leveret Freight. I would like to apply for a 9weeks internship program at your Leveret Freight. I have enrolled my name Birmingham City University.  I have already gained knowledge about this industry. I have knowledge about the policies, procedures and philosophies of the Leveret Freight.

I also want to inform you that I have excellent communication skill as it is mentioned in the job description. Review of my attached documents will assure you that I have all the capabilities to join in the Leveret Freight as trainee management apprentice.  Being a student of management, I have already cleared TOEFL, GMAT management examinations and I have knowledge in advanced excel. I think that my qualifications meet all your criteria. I have technological skills in advanced excel, ethical data hacking, windows. I have knowledge in data management, statistical analysis system and power point presentation. I also learn JAVA scripts, Tally ERP99 to improve my professional skill and technical skill. I know few languages like Spanish, French, English and Latin. I have attended AMBA accredited MBA programs and seminar in the UK. I learn web designing and graphic designing to developing my knowledge and programming efficiency. 

I have passed 10th exam with the score of 91.12% and I passed the 12thstandard examinations with a good score of 97%. Recently I enrol my name at an accredited university in the UK. I have already read about the various philosophies, procedures of Leveret Freight. I think that my knowledge can prove my efficiency and skills about the management and I think my qualification, skill match with the job description.

I am eagerly waiting to join for the internship at Leveret Freight due to its popularity and its leading position in the management industry. I am an enthusiast, hard working and I can assure you that my presence at your Leveret freight will bring a huge benefit to your Industry. I am also keen to join your Leveret Freight due to its good working environment, good organisational culture and creative activities.

I shall be highly obliged if you allow me as one of the trainee management apprentices. I will be waiting for your reply.

Thanking You,



Task C 

Please note that customers have various problems regarding the pizza Expressio. According to customer’s feedback, they are not satisfied with the servicing procedures of Pizza Expressio. They make a complaint that the staffs of Pizza Expressio have not attended the customers in a proper manner. All the staffs of Pizza Expressio speak in a Brazilian language and it is not possible for all customers to speak in Brazilian. Therefore, the language barrier becomes a major issue when customers are going to order their preferred items. 

According to the customers’ feedback, the staffs do not co-operate with the customers rather they do not pay any attention to the problems of customers. Customers observe that most of the time, the manager was not present on the floor and customers cannot understand that whom they would inform about their problems. Some customers said that Pizza Expressio is making thin-based pizza, when customers prefer for thick layer pizza.  Another complains which have been raised, that most of the times customers have to pay the high and same amount for the different size of the pizza. When they are going to ask the manager about the same amount, Italian manager treats them very rudely and does not give any proper justification for this.  The pizza Expressio fails to maintain minimum business ethics. 

It has been noticed by the customers that, Pizza Expressio gives a 25% of a voucher to the customers who are ordering for certain big amount. Customers are told that they can use the voucher in the next order. However, when customers are going to show the vouchers to staffs, they replied that the vouchers are not valid at night. Even, the customers who pay a certain amount for the voucher, they do not get their balance amount. Manager behaves very rudely with the customers when they inform about the voucher issue. 

The environment of this restaurant is not so good also, as staffs are playing a very loud music in the restaurant and they pay no heed to the customers’ problems with loud music. Customers notice that instead of serving customers properly staffs and waiters are involving themselves in laughing, joking and gossiping. They are least bothered whether their activities make customers annoyed or not. According to the customer's feedback, Pizza Expressio is providing their customers with the cheapest quality pizza and the quality is so cheap that might hamper the health of human being. The pizza of this particular restaurant lacks the nutritious factors that they should maintain when they are making pizza.  Even, the customers who are eating their pizza for 30 years, feeling dissatisfied with the food quality and service quality of Pizza Expressio. 

Customers said that the quality of is so bad that when they are eating pizza, it is not melting in their mouth. It is so hard to bite that they cannot enjoy the taste of Pizza. It seems that they are eating hard, tasteless addition, customers have also noticed that staffs do not pay full attention when they are making pizza as they found hair in the pizza. This type of incident proves their carelessness and casualness towards their works. People are getting sick after eating the pizza from Pizza Expressio restaurant. The manager does not pay any attention towards this serious matter. On the other hand, when people inform about this serious matter, manager behave in such a manner that this is quite natural. It is a regular matter of this restaurant and people should not bother with this type of silly matter. 

Another issue that been raised by the people is the time management. People observed the matter that they have to wait for a long time to place an order. According to the regular customers, they have to wait for more than 15-20 minutes to give the order, Waiters have paid no attention and they do not feel any urge that they should go to customers to take the order. People told that most of the times they call waiters to take order otherwise they have to wait for a long. It ahs have been also observed that the staffs and waiters of Pizza Expressio do not follow a systematic service process. According to the people the staffs, waiters and manager do not pray for any apology for their faults. Sometimes, it is seen that they are not billing properly. If the people take 3 items, they billed 4 items and forced people to pay the extra money and they are not aware of their reputation. 

From the above feedback, it can be said that if Pizza Expressio management might take legal action against the waiters, staffs and managers who are neglecting their duty and rudely behave with the customers. Management might give tough and proper training to their customers that they can understand how they should deal with the customers, how they can improve their food and service quality. 

According to the customers’ feedback, Pizza Expresssio management might develop their management infrastructure that they can control the problematic situation that irritates their customers. At first, management has to look at the fact that manager should be present in the restaurant regularly and provide daily work report. They might ask the restaurant managers and co-workers to prepare their work progress report and performance report on the daily basis. 

Management might look at their pricing factors make sure, that staffs will not make wrong billing and take an extra amount from people. They might warn managers, waiters about misbehave with the people. They might take a civil action and force managers, co-workers to give a penalty for their faults. Management might train their employees, staffs, waiters in such a manner that they can understand the importance of professional manner and good behaviour at a working place. Pizza Expressio management might form a risk assessment committee that they can directly control over the total situation and notices whether staffs, managers perform their duty properly or not. Management might use advance technology to prepare Pizza that they can lock the nutritious factor in their food and they can maintain the quality factor of services. Staffs might give the full attention when they make Pizza and make sure that people would not get any hair, unhygienic factors in their food in future. If management might follow these steps, they can develop their service and regain their position in the market. These steps also help them develop their quality of service and help them to satisfy their customers’ need.