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What is EXtensible Markup Language?

EXtensible Markup Language is the standard markup language. xml is used to mark up data. It is designed to be self descriptive. It was created to keep data records and it is not show data. All the data can be saved as plain text files. To handle with schema design assignment requires skill in many areas of computer programming.  XML documents are used to transfer data from one place to another often over the internet. XML designed for data availability, sharing and transport. XML used to:

  1. Separate data from HTML
  2. Offloading and reloading database
  3. Exchange data
  4. Share data
  5. Arrange data
  6. Store data

Difference between HTML and XML : XML Assignment Help

HTML document formats and displays we page data
XML document carry data along with their description.
Predefined tags (Predefined markup language)
Not have predefined tags. You can create and define new tags as per your needs (Meta   language).
May not have closing tag. Extensible set of tags.
Must have closing tag. No predefined tags

Not case sensitive. Allow multiple output forms
Vase sensitive. Single presentation
Directly view able browser. Allow multiple output forms
Viewable if proper stylesheet provided
Content oriented. emphasize data contents
Presentation oriented. emphasize data display
HTML for humans (describe web pages)
XML for computers (describe the data)
double quotes around attributes values are compulsory
double quotes around attributes value are optional


<?xmlversion="1.0" encoding ="UTF-8"?>
  <customer id =   "1">
    <name>   woodworks </name>
     <city>   baltimore </city>
           <project id ="1"> <name> medusa </name></project>
    <customer id =   "4">
     <name>   hardware shop </name>
      <city>   washington </city>
            <project id =   "2"> <name> pegasus </name> </project>
             <project id =   "8"> <name> typhon </name> </project>


      <name> James   Kirk </name>
        <age> 40 </age>
         <name> Jean </name>
           <age> 45 </age>
           <name> Wesley   </name>
            <age> 27 </age>
{ "empinfo" :
"employees" : [
"name" : "James Kirk",
"age" :40,
"name" : "Jean",
"age" : 45,
"name" : "Wesley",
"age" : 27,