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Company’s Profile:

Zara has exclusively resisted the global trend towards providing production of fast fashion to low-cost provinces. The company’s most unique approach was its policy of no endorsing; Instead the organization exclusively preferred to invest a portion of capital in opening brand new retail stores. The company belongs to Amancio Ortega- A Spanish tycoon. The company is based in A Coruña, Spain and this is the place where the first store op retail stored inaugurated in the year of 1975.

About the subject 

The marketing strategy of Zara solely focuses on the product variety, the speed-to-market as well as the store location. In case of making a Zara case study not only the positives but also the negative attributes are included. If you are a student who wishes to find out more about the marketing strategy of the present Zara stores you have two possible options before you. It is to either visit the Zara web site or physically ravel to the store. Zara puts in about 10,000 various items in their store shelves in one single year. It is known to change the style with something new to put on the store shelf about every 10 to 14 days in an industry which happily showcases similar style for some six to nine months in their shelves. 

Focal Issues:

The main elements that support Zara’s business structure and marketing strategy are both interlinked as well as interdependent with each other. The following factors are the ones our subject specific case study writing service provide help on-

1) The widespread market research that is provided by the marketing team of Zara provides forth a constant stream of inputs that is relevant to the development and sales process of products, rather than the isolated seasons.

2) The location of the various shops of Zara that are in the close proximity of the headquarter offering the brand tight control over various business functions, allowing the numerous work of the company to coordinate and make joint-decision fast. 

3) Control over the main office of Zara ensures fast decisions over the investment in raw material, direct or indirect ownership of processing or other production capacities that is all done in a time efficient manner. This ability to move fast in every manner ensures that they provide the company the capability to respond quickly on decisions that are market influenced.

4) Zara has an efficient communication and information technology in place for huge variety of product information that is very vital in managing the interface of various managements on a constant basis.

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