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What is Zookeeper?

  1.  An open source, high performance coordination service for distributed applications.
  2.  File API without partial reads or writes
  3.  No renames
  4.  Ordered updates and strong persistence guarantees
  5.  Conditional updates
  6.  Watches for data changes
  7.  Ephemeral nodes
  8.  Generated file names

Zookeeper Features

  1.  Hierarchical namespace
  2.  Provides watcher on a znode
  3.  Allows to form a cluster of nodes
  4.  Persistent messaging
  5.  High throughput
  6.  Support both queue and topic semantics

ZooKeeper Service:

ZooKeeper Service

1) Standalone mode is mainly used for development

2) There is a single ZooKeeper daemon running

3) Handles both read and write requests from clients

Hadoop ZooKeeper’s architecture allows the Zookeeper services to be replicated over a set of machines where each one of them maintains an image of in-memory data tree and transaction logs. The client applications contact to a single server. The clients establish a TCP link through which they send requests, receive responses, watch the events, etc.

Zookeeper Data Model

  1.  ZooKeeper models a hierarchical file system
  2.  Nodes in this tree are called znodes
  3.  A znode may contain data other znodes
  4.  A tree of nodes(znodes)
  5.  Hierarchical namespace (like in a file system)
  6.  Znode = < data, version, creation flags, children>

Zookeeper Data Model

Zookeeper : API

 sequential, ephemeral
 can be conditional on current version
 Can optionally set  a "watch" on the znode

Protocol Features:

1) After reconfiguration is proposed, leader schedules and executes operations as usual

   - Leader of the new configuration is responsible to commit these

2) If leader of old config is in config and "able to lead" it remains the leader

3) Otherwise, old leader nominates new leader 

4) We support multiple concurrent reconfigurations

    - Activate only the "last" config, not intermedidiat ones