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What are analog signals?

An analog signal in which data or information is represented as a continuous variable. It is time-varying and normally fix to a scale(e.g. +12V to -12V), but there is an unlimited number of values within that continuous range. 

Analog signals are continuous signals in which one value is represented which is changing with respect to time. Analog signal’s graph is represented as sine waves while digital signal’s graph is represented in the form of square waves. An analog signal uses a specified feature of the medium to transfer the signal's information, such as electricity running through a cable.

An analog signal is that continuous signal in which the time-varying property of the signal donates some other time-varying quantity.


Examples of Analog Signals:

  • Photocopier machines.
  • Old land-line telephones.
  • Analog phones
  • Audio tapes(cassette)
  • Human voice
  • Old televisions 
  • VCRs (same as TV)
  • Microphones.
  • Photocells (light delicate resistors)
  • Temperature sensors(Thermometer)
  • Force-sensitive resistors.
  • Flex sensors.
  • Ultraviolet light sensor.
  • Light sensors etc.

Analog signals are just opposite to digital signals in which computer, internet are not using so this is older technology. Computers, Digital Phones, Digital pens are main examples of digital signals.

Ordinary(old) transmitters are used to transforms data in analog mode. The signals involve audio signals transfered through wires, video signals distributed using older technology, radio signals, and analog watches.


Analog channels:

Analog television is the earlier television technology that uses analog signals to broadcast video and audio. In an analog television video-cast, the colors, sound and are lightness illustrated by frequency, amplitude, and phase of an analog signal.


Basic analog signal types:

In data achievement four types of wires are basically used which are as follows-

1) plain pair 2) shielded pair 3) twisted pair and 4) coaxial cable.


Analog materials:

No digital materials are used in analog signals means non-digital materials that have a physical existence such as written and printed material.


How does analog signal work:

Some attribute(features) of the medium are used to transfer the signal's information in an analog signal. For example, in an electrical signal, the current, frequency or voltage of the signal may be changed to describe the information.


Characteristics of an Analog Signal :

An analog signal is used in both time and magnitude. It is a continuous process. In the real world analog signals involve temperature, current, pressure, light intensity, voltage and so on. On the other hand the digital signal holds the digital values which are converted from the analog signal at the specified time moment. Analog signals are not more powerful due to lack of computers and internet.

  • These type of electronic signals are time-differing.
  • Analog Signal operates on continuous information.
  • The analog signal’s accuracy isn't good in comparison to the digital signal.
  • The lowest and highest values are denoted as positive or negative.
  • Theses are often either regular or irregular.


Advantages of Analog Signals:

  • Easy: - Analog signals are easier procedures. These are easy to process.
  • Audio and video transmission: Analog signals are best suited for transmitting audio and video.
  • Accuracy- Analog signals have higher frequency so it can present more accurate information.
  • Use less bandwidth : Analog signals use minimum bandwidth than digital signals. In contrast digital signals use more bandwidth than analog signals.


Disadvantages of Analog Signals :

  • Lower signal quality: Analog seems to acquire a lower quality signal than digital.
  • Sensitive: The cables are sensitive to external effects. Cables should be use carefully.
  • Expensive and not portable: Analog cables are costly and not easily movable. Cables are not portable.
  • No digital interfaces: It has no digital interfaces. In this, it has minimum possibility of models with digital associations.


Analog as well as digital data:

-Data could be analog or even digital

  - Analog data tend to be constant as well as consider constant values.

  - Digital data get discrete state along with get discrete values

for example: - data saved within computer memory within 0 or even 1 type

for example: - sound mode through human being voice/microphone


Analog and digital signal:

- Signal could be analog or even digital

  - Analog signals might have infinity no associated with value throughout selection

  - Digital signal might have just restricted number associated with ideals.


Periodic and non-periodic signals:

  • Each analog as well as digital signal could be periodic or even nonperiodic. within  data communication, we commely make use of periodic analog signal as well as non periodic digital signals.


Periodic analog signals:

- Periodic analog signal could be categorized because:

1. Simple- can't be decomposed into simpler

2. Composite- copmposed by simple sine waves

Digital signals: information could be symbolized through digital signal

For example: - 1 could be encoded as positive voltage and 0 could be encoded as zero voltage. 

  • The digital signal may have greater than 2 stage therefore; we could send out greater than  1 bit per stage.


Example: consider the analog signal:

Xa(t) = 3(cos50πt) + 10 (sin300πt) + (cos100πt)

What is the Nyquist rate for the signal?

2) what is X(n) at this rate?

Sol: the frequencies of Xa(t) are:

F1= 25 Hz(hertz), 

F2 = 150 Hz(hertz), 

F3 = 50 Hz(hertz)

Since, Fmax = 150 Hz(hertz)

And Nyquist rate = z Fmax = 300 Hz

Because sampling theorem states that

Fs >= zFmax

X(n) = Xn( nT ) = 3cos( 50πn / 300 )n + 10sin( 300πn / 300 )n + cos( 100π / 300 )n

X(n) = 3cos( πn / 6 ) + 10sin πn  + cos( π / 3 )n


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