Chemical Engineering Homework Help


What is Chemical Engineering (CE)? Explain in simple words .

Chemical engineering includes the construction and creation of products by chemical processes . This consists of designing equipment, systems, and processes for purifying raw materials or substances and for stir, compounding, and processing chemicals .

Chemical engineering is a special kind of engineering which acts with the study of execution and design of chemical plants as well as procedures of enhancing production .


Chemical engineering example :

Chemical engineers innovate, design, create, execute, and control processes. Some examples of chemical engineering processes consist of : the purifying of unrefined oil by distillation, creation of insulin by a dissolving process, and catalytic converters for minimizing automotive excretion .


Importance of chemical engineering :

Chemical engineering assists us to enhance or development involving technology and medicine in health care. They also assist to make processing systems that manage waste disposal more efficiently . Chemical engineering performs an important duty in food processing that assists industries make food eatable in a more economical and healthy manner .


What does a chemical engineer do ?

Working of a Chemical engineer :

Chemical engineers create and design chemical invention processes. To resolve issues that consists of the production or use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, food, and many other products, chemical engineers apply and use the concepts of chemistry, biology, physics, and math .


Chemical engineering is good for career :

There are very good job opportunities for chemical engineering graduates; possibility for higher earnings in this profession are excellent. Chemical engineering sector never go in recession and loss.Work as a chemical engineer in assured companies, for example, oil organizations and contracting, will offers specially high salaries .


Chemical engineering have a bright future :

Chemical engineers are presently working to discover new sources or origin for fuels for example fusion technology, hydrogen cells, algae factories , wind farms, and bio-refineries . Another energies such as solar, wind, tidal and hydrogen are going to become progressively essential .

These could be concerned to fuel space travel . 


Types of jobs in chemical engineering :

After analyzing the important prospects of a career in chemical engineering, let's check out at different types of chemical engineering branches. We offer engineering homework help in various sub-topics. Chemical Engineering offers the following jobs :

Agricultural engineer, Process Design Engineer, Analytical chemist, Chemical Engineer, Technical Sales Person, Petroleum Engineer, Plastics Engineer, Biotechnologist, Environmental Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Safety Engineer, Process Safety Engineer, Color technologist, Process Engineer, Plant Process Engineer, Food scientist, Chemical Plant Technical Director, Mining engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Environmental waste management, Industrial engineer and others .


How will you become a chemical engineer ?

Eligibility for becoming a Chemical Engineer :

  • Applicant must have passed 12th class or equivalent examination from a sanctioned school or recognized board with a minimum overall of 60% . 
  • Candidate must have a authentic engineering entrance exam such as JEE/ VITEEE and other state level entrance exams score .
  • Obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from a recognized university . For most entry-level positions in this field a bachelor's degree in Chemical engineering is very necessary . Without a degree in Chemical engineering, you can not get a job in this field .


Which companies hire chemical engineers ?

There are many big companies which hired chemical engineers. Some of these are as :

Reliance Industries, Oil and Natural Gas, Indian Oil, Tata Chemicals, Aditya Birla Group, Honeywell, First Student, Nones and so on.

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