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What do you mean by MySQL? Explain it.

MySQL is refers to as a database management system.
A database is a organized collection of data. You require a database management system such as MySQL Server to insert, access, and process data stored in a computer database.

SQL is a RDBMS means relational database management system relays on Structured Query Language (SQL ). MySQL can be used to save something from a single record of information to an whole catalogue listing of accessible commodities or goods (products) for an online store.

Creating and maintaining a large web database in an efficient way, is the most common use of MySQL . 

MySQL is a free and an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). Stand alone clients are permitted MySQL, that offers users to collaborate (communicate) precisely with a MySQL database using SQL, but MySQL is used with other programs to apply and execute applications that require relational database efficiency more frequently.


Difference between SQL and MySQL :

MySQL is an open source database product, and SQL is such a language that is used to query databases. SQL is used for fetching, inserting, maintaining and modification data in a database and MySQL is an RDBMS that permits users to keep the data organized that stores in a database


Uses of MySQL : -

One of the main cause for using a MySQL is that it offers clean and complete help for each application development that it require. MySQL also offers connectors and drivers such as DBC, JDBC, etc. that permit all structures of applications to build use of MySQL as a approved or favored data management server.


Things you need to make a PHP program :

You need two things to begin: 

  1. A code editor to write the PHP code.
  2. A development environment to run your PHP scripts

Follow these steps to get started with PHP.

  1. Install a code editor.
  2. Install a local development environment.
  3. Start to write PHP coding.
  4. 1st DAY : Use PHP with HTML.
  6. 3rd DAY : Use OOP (object-oriented programming) functions


You’ve to save your PHP code file into the htdocs folder then follow the following steps.

  1. Open XAMPP control panel.
  2. Start Apache and MySQL servers.
  3. Open any browser such as Mozilla, Internet Explorer and then in the search box type localhost/filename. php.
  4. If you save your PHP file in a folder in htdocs, then type localhost/folder_name/filename.php.

A simple PHP program for addition of two numbers.





echo "The sum of given both digits is: ",$addition;  


PHP coding is started with <?php and ending with ?>. In above example we take two variables named number1 and number2. These variables are taken with $. Now we pass the values to the both variables as number1=35 and number2=20. Now you have to take a third variable, in this example we’ve taken addition. Both variables (number1 and number2) are passed to the third variable addition. Now calculation is done and it will add both numbers. Now ‘echo’ is used to print and displaying the message on the screen. In this example the output displayed on the screen will be -

The sum of given both digits is: 55


MySQL Features :

As we know that MySQL is refers to as a relational database management system (RDBMS) depends on the Structured Query Language (SQL) queries. It is one of the most famous languages for fetching and maintaining the records in the database table. MySQL is supported by Oracle Company.

It is free and open source software concealed by the GNU license. 

The key features of MySQL are listed as follows.

  • It is refers as a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Support GUI(Graphical User Interface)
  • Dual Password Support- It is highly secure means it provides high security 
  • Provides great performance
  • It has great memory efficiency
  • It is highly extensible
  • Simple and easy to use
  • It can be downloaded free(without any cost) 
  • Supports Client/ Server Architecture
  • Provides high speed
  • Supports high flexibility
  • High Productivity
  • It can be used compatibly on many operating systems or it is Platform Independent
  • Offers roll-back, commit, and crash recovery functions.
  • Support Partitioning - means it divide the big data into smaller pieces of code and solve these individually. This characteristics enhance the performance and allows speedy management of the vast database.

Advantages of MySQL :


The main advantages of MySQL are listed as follows.

  • It provides high data security. 
  • It has the flexibility of Open Source.
  • Support exhaustive transaction. 
  • It provides high On-Demand Scalability. 
  • It gives high performance. 
  • Cut down or minimize the total cost of purchaser. 
  • It can control workflow completely . 


Disadvantages of MySQL :

Some disadvantages of MySQL are listed as follows.

  • Database systems are hard and time-taking to create.
  • Check constraints are not handled by MySQL.
  • Start-up cost of hardware and software is expensive  .
  • Large size database can not be supported by MySQL efficiently .
  • As compared to paid databases, it doesn’t support a good developing and debugging tool. 
  • If there is any corruption in the database then it will affects almost all applications programs.
  • Large transformation costs in changing a file based system to a database system.
  • MySQL is sensitive to data extortion or fraud as it is not capable in controlling transactions. 


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