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What is python programming?

Python is one of the most widely used general purpose, high level programming language means it can be used to create a variety of different programs and applications and is not specialized for any specific problems. It used objects oriented concept using python. It is developed in 1991 by Guido van Rossum and again next level developed by the Python Software Foundation. That lets you consider being a developer and never spend your time along with disconcert syntax

Python is a great choice for beginners and experts because it is easy to use, free available and can download it freely. It is used for software development, desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications system scripting (server side or client side) etc.

Python is a computer programming language which is often used to develop software, web pages, websites and automate tasks, and perform data analysis. 

HTML is considered to be the very easy programming language for beginners those who are just getting started so HTML is the pillar of many websites. HTML was also named the most unlearned language by those surveyed.Python which is followed by JavaScript, is the second-easiest programming language to learn. Python was developed with an importance on code readability and its syntax or pattern allows programmers to express their concepts in short coding or fewer lines of code.


Python can be used for: -

  • Artificial Intelligence(AI) and machine learning. 
  • Data analytics.
  • Finance 
  • Web development.
  • Data visualisation(conceptual). 
  • Programming applications.  
  • Entertainment such as Game development. 
  • Language development. 


Python Features: -

  • Python is easy to use, free available and can download it freely. 
  • Easy and simple to learn and code
  • Open Source and free.
  • Python is very convenient(Portable) language
  • Object-Oriented Language.
  • Graphical User Interface(GUI) Programming Support.
  • High-Level Language 
  • Extensible features 


Who used python: -

Now a days many big companies are using python such as IBM,Facebook,Intel, NASA, Pixar, Netflix, JP Morgan Chase, Spotify, and a number of other enormous companies. It becomes one of the four main languages at Google and You Tube.While Google's YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, and Instagram are mostly written in Python. 


Where python is used in real life: -

Python is used in all three dimensions such as 1D, 2D and 3D.

Python programming language is used widely to design,plan and build two dimensional(2D) imaging software like GIMP,Inkscape,Paint Shop Pro, and Scribus and several three dimensional(3D) animation packages such as Maya,Blender, Houdini, 3ds Max,Cinema 4D and Lightwave etc.


Advantages of Python: -

  • It is easy to use and learn. Python is a HLL that has syntax like English . 
  • Portability(platform independent)
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Interpreted Language. 
  • Broad Libraries Support. 
  • Freely available. we have not pay any money for it.
  • Dynamically Typed. 


Disadvantages of Python: -

  • Slow Speed 
  • Not Memory Efficient
  • Weak in Mobile Computing 
  • Database Access 
  • Runtime Errors 


Limitation: -

- Parallel processing is not so smooth.

- Slow as compared to c/c++

- Lacks true multiprocessor support 

- Distributing big python application to non technical person is tricky.


Application: -

- Web based applications

- Graphic design

- Scientific applications

- Widely used in machine learning and other research based projects.


How to work in python:

After installing python in our computer and after opening it, we are ready to work in python in following ways:

1) Interactive mode: In this mode, the python gives you the output of the command then and there. we can not save program in this mode. by default we have interactive mode.

2) Scripting mode: this mode can be used to write and save python programs.

Output statement in python:

print is an output statement in python, it can be used to display the message 'as it is' written in quotes ("", "") and also used to print the value of the variable.

e.g. 1. print "Name"  //output - > Name

2. x=100

   print x//output -> 100

3. x= 100

   print ""value of x", x    //output -> value of x 100


Conditional statement : -

If and else are conditional statement in python.

If the condition given after if evaluates to true, statementa gets executed and if it is false statement 2 gets executed.

Relational operator are generally used to give condition in a program.

sytax of if-else


  statement 1


  statement 2


Logical operators: -

And, or, not are logical operator in python. They can be used to combine two or more condition.

Nested if-else

we can insert another if else either in part or in else part, referred as nested if-else

syntax: (a proper way to write a specific task)

if (condition 1):

  if (condition 2):

  print(statement 1)


print (statement 2)


  if(condition 3):

    print(statement 3)


print(statement 4)


Looping: -

Looping is that part of program which repeats itself again and again for a specified no. of times.

if python loops can be implementated with the help of while and for.

Before implementing any loop, the following things must be kept in mind:

1) Initialisation: it indicates the starting point of the loop.

2) Condition: the loop cycle conditions till the condition remains to true.

3) Increment/ decrement : it indicates the incremented or decremented value of counter variable.

while loop:

sytax of while loop


while (condition)



e.g. i=1

    while (i <=11):

    print ("happy")



First python program:

to print "Hello world" use code:

>>> print ("hello world")

output: Hello world


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