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What do you meant by Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a crucial base for the expected development in automation and manufacturing. Mechatronics is a integrative are that mentions to the skill sets required in the current modern, advanced automated construction industry. It is a set of multiple disciplines such as mechanical, electronics and computer. Mechatronics specialists build simpler, smarter systems at the junction of mechanics, electronics, and computing. Mechatronics works with control systems, robotics, and electro-mechanical (electronic and mechanical) systems. 

Thus, we can say that electronic, mechanical and computer altogether create a special machine called Mechatronics. It gives high degree of elasticity to change or redevelop the systems. It gives wonderful execution and achievement features. It provides outcome in automation in construction(manufacture), assembly and quality control. Mechatronic systems supply the improved productivity in manufacturing firm.


What does a Mechatronics Technician do? 

A combo of mechanical, electrical, computer and programming skills used by Mechatronics engineering engineer to work with smart technologies, such as control systems, robots, automated guided systems and computer-integrated manufacturing equipment.


Mechatronics Examples: -

Some main examples of Mechatronics are as follows:

  • Photocopiers machines
  • dish washer 
  • Automatic teller machine (ATM)
  • Automatic washing machines
  • Laser printers 
  • Fax machines. 
  • VCR/DVD drives.
  • Rice cooker
  • Automatic ovens 
  • Modern sewing machines. 


Mechatronic specialists may find the following jobs: -

  • Software Engineer
  • Automation
  • Oceanography
  • Nanotechnology
  • Robotics
  • Systems Engineer
  • Service Engineer
  • Data Logging Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Aircraft Engineering.
  • Biomedical Systems.
  • Control System Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Oil and Gas.

Mechatronics engineers get high starting salaries and good paying jobs because they have many technologies skills and these skills are highly valued by today’s fast revolutionary companies, and salaries follow that reality.


Basic Elements of Mechatronics System: -

  • Selector and Locator.
  • Digital logic Systems.
  • Software and data recovery systems.
  • Signals and conditioning.
  • Computers and display devices.


Mechatronics System Applications: -

These are as follows.

  • Automation and Applied mechatronics
  • Robotics.
  • Building automation 
  • Home automation.
  • Servo-mechanics.
  • Control and Sensing systems.
  • Automotive engineering.


Characteristics of mechatronic systems: -

These are as follows.

  • a. Operational interconnection between mechanical, electronic and information technologies.
  • b. These special subsystems are integrated in one physical unit.
  • c. Intelligence associated to the control operations of the mechatronics system.
  • d. All of the above are essential.


Advantages of Mechatronics: -

These are as follows.

  1. It is price effective and it can make high quality of products.
  2. It has high enhance of machine uses.
  3. It gives very good performance features.
  4. It gives higher degree of flexibility needed for small product cycles.
  5. It outcome in automation in manufacture, assembly and quality control.
  6. It provides completely for high dimensional reliability needs.
  7. It gives high level of elasticity to change or reconstruct the systems.
  8. Mechatronic systems give the enlarge productivity in production company.
  9. Redesign characteristic by pre supplied programs promote the small volume production.
  10. It gives the opportunity of remote controlling and centralized monitoring and control as well. .
  11. Luxurious life is suppose to proper maintenance and timely discovery of the defect or error.


Disadvantages Of Mechatronics System: -

These are as follows.

  • Expensive: The primary cost is high.
  • Maintenance(preservation) and repair(renovation) work may expensive.
  • Multi professional or interdisciplinary engineering background is need to design and execution.
  • It requires very trained workers to work.
  • Techno-economic evaluation has to be completed faithfully in the selection of mechatronic system.
  • It has complication and very difficult in understanding and removal of problems in the systems.
  • The branch of mechatronics needs a mastery in different disciplines such as mechanical, electronics and computer but sometimes it is not possible. 
  • The design cannot be completed and security issues are complex in mechatronic systems. These systems also need more parts than others, and assume a high risk of component failure.


Comparison of mechatronics and traditional design: -

Mechatronics Design:
Traditional Design:
- This depending on mechanical, electronics, computer technology as well as control engineering
- More versatile
- More precise
- More mess with mechanism design 
- That requires much less elements as well as moving components.
- This is dependent on traditional   system for example mechanical, hydraulic as well as pneumatic
- Less versatile
- Less precise
- Less mess with mechanism within   design
- That requires much more elements as well as moving components


Comparison of mechatronics and convectional design: -

Mechatronics Design:
Convectional Design:
- Compact integrated system
- Easy mechanism, alternative of numerous complicated mechanical components as well as techniques along with electronic, computer and also software program systems
- Bus or even wireless communication 
- Integration through info processing
- Variable structure with damping by means of electronic feedback
- Programmable feedback, (non-linear) digital control
- Accuracy via measurement as well as feedback manage
- Manage associated with non-measurable approximated levels
- Guidance more than problem analysis
- Understanding capability
- Hybrid control: adaptive and multi architecture control.
- Variable speed drives

- Bulky componentized systems
- Complex mechanism, complex mechanical mechanism
- Cable problem
- Easy manage

   - Inflexible design
   - Feedback control, linear(analog) control
   - Accuracy via thin tolerance
   - No measurable levels alterations arbitrarily
  - Easy supervising
  - Set capabilities
- Centralized processing and control
- Constant speed drives


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