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An Embedded System is a computer system that has a very specific function or set of functions, that is embedded ‘hidden’ in another bigger system which can be electrical, mechanical, or whatever, in order to give it computing powers.
Actually, a big fraction of microprocessors in the world is used in embedded systems which are in almost everything, including but not limited to digital watches, traffic lights, home appliances, modern vehicles, medical devices and robotics.


Basically, Embedded systems are those systems that are designed to perform a certain task with real-time computing constraints. It comprises hardware and software.
Software deals with your coding part whereas hardware deals with the implementation of that coding to your desired electrical or mechanical system.

An Embedded system is nothing but a combination of software and hardware to make a specific purpose device/ computer.
There are basically two types of computers are available on the market

  1. General-purpose computers like smartphones, laptops, etc.
  2. Special purpose computers like Digital watches, digital speedometer, Ac controllers, Digital calculators, etc. this all the examples of embedded systems.

We are using so many devices to make an Embedded system the primary element is a Micro-controller.

Embedded Systems including both Hardware and software domains have a vast range of applications including but not limited to consumer electronics, medical devices, aviation, etc.

The C programming language and basic electronics such as understanding of logic gates, registers, digital architecture, etc. can be considered the basics that one must have.

Apart from the above, various applications require various kinds of understanding. For example, in the medical field, one must be expected to have basic signal processing knowledge.

If you are interested in IoT, you must be aware of the basics of data structures and networking.

The main thing is if you have a basic understanding of engineering principles such as Network Theorem, Signals, and Systems, etc., and good skills in C programming language, you would be just fine with the Embedded Systems.

For the applications that require more than this, I am sure you could use these basic skills to conquer other more advanced domains as well.


For learning Embedded systems you should be aware of

  1. Digital Electronics
  2. Microprocessor (8085/8086)
  3. (8 bit/16 bit/32 bit) Microcontrollers (8051)
  4. Embedded C
  5. Operating Systems concepts

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Following are the basics of Embedded System-

Processor Architecture - programmers view, complete memory map, different status, control, and peripheral registers, etc.

Embedded C/ C++ - understand the header file for the target processor, bit-level manipulations, accessing and configuring different status, control, and peripheral registers, cross-compilation, compiler optimization, etc.

Interfacing I/O devices - like pushbuttons and LEDs, keypad and LCD, sensors, actuators, ADC, DAC, etc.

Operating SystemConcepts - Configuring and Optimizing Embedded Linux and Porting it to target processor, writing device drivers, Kernal Programming, Real-Time Operating Systems - RTOS, etc.

Domain knowledge of DSP, Image Processing, Control Systems, Instrumentation, and Measurements also helps in developing embedded systems.


What are real-time embedded systems?

Hard Real-Time systems must be very accurate with respect to deadlines, which means that they have to produce their responses to the events within the specified time period.


Examples of Hard Real-Time Systems include:

1. Nuclear Power Plant Control Systems

2. Air Traffic Control Systems

3. Missile Guidance Systems

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The basics of Embedded Systems include:

  1. History of Embedded Systems
  2. Applications of Embedded Systems
  3. Examples of Embedded Systems
  4. Characteristics of Embedded Systems
  5. Embedded Systems Versus General Purpose Systems
  6. Components of Embedded Systems
  7. Knowledge about Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  8. Knowledge about sensors and actuators.
  9. Knowledge about various memory devices
  10. Related Technologies like Cyber-physical systems, Physical Computing systems, Internet of things
  11. Embedded Communication Protocols
  12. Embedded Operating Systems
  13. Embedded Programming Languages
  14. Embedded Hardware Design
  15. Embedded Software Development


What are the pros and cons of an embedded system?

the hottest word in an embedded domain is the ARM CORTEX technology. Then, comes Arduino, microchip, and Atmel stuff. Embedded systems are a broad domain spanning from devices as small as mobiles to as large as rocket shuttles. LEVEL OF EXPERTISE decides the developer's fate in this branch. India currently does not mass recruit in this sector due to the high risk of the initial investment. However, Germany and America have a large pool of embedded companies e.g BOSCH, HTC, MOTOROLA, INTEL, etc. 


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