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What is Visual Basic? Explain it.

Visual Basic (VB) is a third generation programming language developed by Microsoft. VB is a acronym of Visual Basic. It is a secure type programming language and it’s design is easy to learn. 

In visual Basic, "Visual" means the development of Graphical User Interface (GUI ) or optical forms. While ‘Visual C++’ is "Visual" because of Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) and the wizards for making an application on MFC. Visual Basic is the real language. It is acquired from the word ‘BASIC’, which refers to "Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code".

So in simple words we can say that the Visual Basic system permits a programmer to use a graphical user interface (GUI) beneficial to select and customize parts of code that have been pre-defined from a basic programming language.

VB.NET is the next new version of its original Visual Basic language developed by Microsoft in 2002 and it’s older version was Visual Basic 6.0.

The language index also considers that ‘Visual Basic.Net’ or VB.NET will become a deterioration earlier or behind , but it's popularity allows to make devoted office applications for small and medium businesses. It is perhaps used by many programmers up to now because it is easy and simple to learn. When Microsoft declared its latest policy for Visual Basic.

Visual Basic (VB) is also refers to as an event driven programming language and ecosystem that offers a graphical user interface (GUI) which permits developers to alter code of program by easily dragging and dropping objects and describing their appearance, nature and actions. Such as .NET, Visual Basic for applications and Visual Studio .


The use of Visual Basic :

Visual Basic is a computer programming language which is used for developing efficient applications. Visual Basic Applications (VBA) allow you to make large automatic recurrence word and data processing functions, and create custom forms, reports, and graphs. It is not a stand alone application, VBA functions are used with the applications of MS Office.


Features of Visual Basic :

The key features of Visual Basic are listed as follows:

  • It supports multi tasking- means it performs various tasks.
  • It is modern, general purpose and object oriented language.
  • It supports CSS, project designer and web designer .
  • It is easy to learn.
  • It is a structured language.
  • It provides Language Integrated Query (LINQ ).
  • It supports ASP.NET AJAX and JavaScript .
  • It is component oriented and produces efficient programs.
  • It provides better and efficient data.
  • It can be compiled on different types of computer platforms. Means it supports multi platforms or cross platforms. In simple words, it is a platform independent.
  • It is a part of . Net Framework.


Visual Basic advantages :

The main advantages of Visual Basic are listed as follows :

  • Easy to learn : Basic programming language’s structure and executable code are very easy and simple to understand.
  • Structured Language – It is a strongly structured language.
  • Latest and General Purpose – Visual Basic is a general purpose language which contains all the characteristics of any recent technology.
  • It is not only a basic language. Although it highly supports integrated and interactive development environment ("IDE") and Rapid Application Development ("RAD"). 
  • It is an Object Oriented – Everything in VB is an object.


Disadvantages of Visual Basic :

Some disadvantages of Visual Basic are listed as follows :

  • It cannot control pointers directly, since pointers are very important for programming. So this is a big disadvantage of it.  
  • Slow speed : The execution speed of visual applications is slow.
  • VB is easy to learn so this has administered to a vast talent pool.
  • Any extra added coding will take many CPU cycles and requiring more time for processing .
  • VB languages need large memory and high storage capacity of hard disk. 
  • It requires faster processor.
  • VB languages can only be executed or applied on graphical operating systems such as Linux and windows.


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