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Cisco Packet Tracer can be called as virtual need of networking systems. It's the system built by Cisco makes it possible for users in order to put into action as well as draw networks virtually. It's everything readily available for developing a network i.e. from Switch to PCs. One can implement and draw the network in Cisco Packet Tracer before actually implementing the network in real life.

Packet tracer is a network simulation program designed to practice network devices such as routers and switches along with security devices like firewalls and IPS.

In short, install it on your PC and you can make your own network of routers and switches with desired configurations.

Cisco Packet Tracer software helps Network admins gain practical networking technologies skills in a quickly altering environment. 

Packet Tracer is really an effective network simulation program that allows in order to experiment with network conduct.

This permits us to produce a network by having a nearly limitless quantity of devices, motivating exercise, discovery as well as troubleshooting.

we are able to additionally simulate our network architectures before any kind of upgrade or even reorganizing.


What is Cisco's Packet Tracer used for?

Cisco packet tracer is actually network simulator software, essentially it's used for practicing labs with regard to Cisco exams. By using this particular tool you are able to build your personal network topology and may exercise various scenarios.

You can also utilize it with regard to the testing objectives. Assume, if you wish to deploy any kind of alter in your production network, you should use packet tracer in order to very first check the necessary modifications and when everything is working fine you'll be able to deploy which modifications into production.

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What is packet tracer and benefits of it?

It's a tool developed by the Cisco team the industry useful tool with regard to CCNP as well as CCNA students. Cisco packet tracer can be used for his or her practical purposes that are primarily associated with networking, switching, routing, as well as the internet. It offers definite visual images of the actions while networking sessions.


What kind of projects can be made on computer networks in Cisco packet tracer?

Cisco Packet tracer is really a network simulation tool. Which means you cannot perform programmatic projects onto it. The tool is actually used to create network topologies and understand the working of it. So you can design networks and you can put in your ideas in designing new kinds of networks which can be a project.
It can also be used to understand the flow of packet in a network and can be used in giving a demo of it.

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What are the alternatives for a packet tracer?

Do you mean a Cisco Packet Tracer? Assuming it is. Packet Tracer is a simulator. The alternatives are
1. gns3 graphical network simulator
2. Network Simulator 3(NS3)

Both are available on Linux.


How do I learn how to use Cisco Packet Tracer from the beginning?

First, you need to be a Student of CCNA either with Cisco Net-Acad or any of your local Networking Institutes. Once you understand the basics of Switches, Routers, Cables, etc., you should be able to operate Packet Tracer on your own without minimal help. Download & install a Student edition of Packet Tracer version 6.2 or 6.3 and start practicing your CCNA class fundamentals of VLAN, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, VTP, STP, VPN, IPv6, etc.


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