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What do mean by Scala? Explain it’s uses also.

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language developed by the father of javac Martin Odersky. 

It is a powerful latest and general-purpose programming language designed to convey usual programming patterns in a brief, delicate, and type-safe manner. Scala means for Scalable Language. It is a combination of both object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming (FP) in one brief, delicate and high-level language. In Scala the code is written staticallySource code of Scala can be assembled to Java byte code and execute on a Java virtual machine (JVM).

Static type feature of Scala help to remove errors in complicated big applications. It’s JVM and JavaScript compile time support you to make great performance systems with easy retrieval of vast libraries of the ecosystems.

Scala is observed as one of the prime language for developing web applications. In reality, Scala integrates the properties of Java with a latest curve. The developers and engineers can build and modify their own data types with the help of Scala programming language.

Scala has many beneficial uses. It will assuredly expand your merit as a developer in the market. You will be capable to establish new frameworks and use the dynamic attributes of this language. Being trending and modern Scala is  the most widely used language all over the world. You can gain high success and reach new heights in your future.


Why should we use Scala? 

It is created to increase users, fulfill the requirements of its user and support better interface with the system. It is done by writing tiny scripts to make a huge system for data processing. Scala is mainly used in web development. It can be also used in data processing and distributed computing. It offers the good data engineering architecture to the many organizations.

Scala is still in market and use in some important projects and organizations. It’s has main focus on the improvement of Java and Kotlin both. It carries on with the impact of dynamic analysis in programming language design and a medium of modernization in that field.

Many big and famous companies are using Scala. These are as following.

Twitter, Sony, LinkedIn, Netflix, Foursquare, Tumblr, precog, The Guardian and many other big companies are using Scala.


Best Uses of Scala :

  1. A multi-paradigm language: Scala is a multi paradigm programming language.
  2. Statically Typed Language -A statically typed language remove errors in code and assists developers to write a genuine code and correct the code easily. 
  3. Easier to learn : It is easier to learn comparatively other languages.
  4. Developing Frameworks
  5. Building a Community : It supports Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  6. It can be used as a combination with Java- It works on Java Virtual Machine.
  7. Supports built-in patterns 
  8. A language that demonstrate more functions
  9. Highly demanded in market
  10. Provides accurate and definite Syntax


Unique about Scala :

Scala is powerful, strong and positively statically typed language. It allows type combine variables and functions together that is superior than restricted type interface in other language as C# and Java. It also gives a compiler that uses type reference to a whole area.


Scala is frontend or backend?

Scala is mostly backend that run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). There is a scala js framework that compiles to js so it can be used in the browser, and scala native, which is easy to compiles and easy toexecute. 


Scala features :

The key features of Scala are listed as follows.

  • Type conjecture - It provides an expressive type system
  • It works on the JVM and in the browser also.
  • It examines as a high-level programming language
  • Supports high level of functions.
  • It provides a brief and readable syntax
  • It is statically-typed language but seems like a dynamic language 
  • It can work like a functional programming (FP) language
  • It can work like an object-oriented programming (OOP) language
  • It supports the combination of functional programming and object-oriented programming
  • This combination makes Scala the best option for web development.
  • It cooperates logically with Java code
  • It can control concurrency .
  • Supports stability
  • Supports real object.
  • Slow computation.
  • Case classes and Pattern matching.
  • Interject String.
  • Hiding context give a explicit way to execute the word inference
  • It is a server-side or backend application which is used in large data applications and in the browser also with Scala.js


Scala Benefits:

The main benefits of Scala are listed as follows.

  • High accuracy: you grasp most bugs or mistakes at compile-time. Finding mistakes at compile-time means grasping errors as you type
  • Easy to learn and reliable in editing or rewriting- You can edit your code with assurance 
  • Support IDE highly
  • Authentic (valid) code completion
  • Code written in Scala need smaller code than similar programs written in Java.
  • Method type declarations help users the working of method and help in documentation
  • It supports high Scalability, flexibility and maintainability: It helps to confirm accuracy across informally big applications and development group
  • Scala has an detail-oriented syntax that makes fair and familiar code and eliminates wrong code.
  • Powerful typing in fusion with attractive inference enables mechanisms 


Scala disadvantages :

Some drawbacks of Scala are as follows.

  • It works on JVM so it has no looping development.
  • Because of it being a combination of functional and object-orientation, sometimes this type of  information is a little difficult to understand . 
  • It has a narrow (little) developer pool.
  • It provides you more flexibility so Scala is difficult. 
  • Too much flexibility causes too much money. 

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