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What is Pro/Engineer? Explain it.

Pro/ENGINEER is a computer graphics system software that is used for creating numerous mechanical designs and for accomplishing associated design and manufacturing functions. A 3D solid modeling system is used by the system as the main element, and involves the feature oriented, parametric modeling method .

Pro/E is the acronym of Pro/ENGINEER. Pro/E is referring to the Program Review of Occupational Education. ProE can be used for many purposes like design, analysis, and manufacturing so it is also referred to as a multi-program software. In optimization and parametric studies, ProE and MECHANICA both can be used. If we connect ProE to NC machines then it offers the manufacturing capabilities. It can handle a wide range of sheet metal forming, model designs, and piping layouts.


Pro/ENGINEER changed more than one just its name. Pro/ENGINEER is now known as PTC Creo and  Creo is a group of tools that provide integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software.

Creo is simply the current (newest) version of Pro/E, which was developed back in 2011 under the new name. As the name change, with the current Creo 5.0, initiating in March of 2018 there are four big prime improvements to Creo. It is not a single software, but a group of tools that operate particular CAD jobs.

The license of Pro/ENGINEER itself is free but its registration is not free. It is required or this used to cost $129. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire License and related training materials included in a package are without end, which means its package cost is too high. You can request and purchase or order the software and training materials by filling and submitting out the request form here.

So if we use cost as a standard; for public use, the Pro E total tools costs are around $2,200 and the cost of student packages is at $59 are available. Developers or designers can also purchase a complete package such as Creo Mathcad for around $600.


Characteristics or features of pro/engineer :

The main features of pro/engineer are as follows :

  • It supports parametric feature-based modeling.
  • It is a multi-purpose software system. This means it can perform more than one or multiple tasks. 
  • Pro/ENGINEER's features consist of non-geometric information, such as creating processes and related costs, as well as contains information about location and connections or relationships.
  • This refers that its features do not need synchronized or coordinate (correlative) systems for placement, and they understand how they are associated and connected to the rest of the model.


Advantages of pro/engineer :

The main advantages of pro/engineer are as follows :

  • Increased productivity: The biggest and main advantage of pro/engineers is increased or enhanced productivity.
  • It provides efficient and flexible design capabilities.
  • Easier to use and learn: It was developed to use easily and provide features that allow to move more quickly for design processes and creating a designer's productivity level increase or high. This means it gives or provides a high level of productivity to the designers.


Disadvantages of pro/engineer software :

Some disadvantages of pro/engineer are as follows :

It required a lot of the computer's resources: ProE consists of a lot of features that are required to be completed over a period of time, same as AutoCAD and other 2D programs. The software was very graphics demanding and needed a lot of the computer's resources, which produces a slow and sometimes complex to operate interface.

ProEngineer provides more complex tools and custom subprograms that can be applied while SolidWorks provides quicker tools and has a much easier interface.


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