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What is Kotlin? Explain it.

Kotlin is a cost efficient, open source and general purpose logical programming language developed by JetBrains. It is mainly created for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) means Kotlin assembles or compiles to the JVM byte code, and Android applications that merges the features of object-oriented and functional programming. Kotlin can be used side by side with Java, and it does not produce any performance overhead. It is concentrated on integration, security, simplicity and support of tools.

Kotlin is a new and expressive programming language generated by the same virtual machine technology that powers Java. Kotlin is absolutely famous now because these days it is also used as an optional language for app development in regular forms such as Android Studio.

Kotlin Application formation or creation is more speedy to compile, lightweight, and eliminates or reduces extra writing code in applications. Any block of code written in Kotlin is much smaller related to Java, as it is less wordy and minimum code refers to lesser errors or bugs. It compiles the code to a byte code that can be performed in the JVM.

Kotlin is a fixed and statically or passive typed language same as Java. It has become the best option for creating Android applications. From the accomplishment this is noticeable that Android Studio arises with built-in (integral) help for Kotlin same it has for Java.

As we introduced, Kotlin is the most adopted language for Android development as it permits programmers to write more brief or compact, meaningful, and protected (secure) code.

Kotlin is an object-oriented language and carries the features of functional programming. It is a latest statically typed programming language used by across 60% of experienced Android developers that offers increased productivity, developer satisfaction and achievement, and security of code. When someone read Kotlin, they will possibly believe regarding it as a programming language purely for generating mobile applications on Android, and they are right but only incompletely.

With current programmer experience, consideration and studying Kotlin will be approximately uncomplicated for anyone. The syntax and design of Kotlin are simple and easy to understand and even very dominant and significant to use. This is a main cause why Kotlin has exceed Java same to the language for Android app development.


Writing a Kotlin code :-

Click on Start a new Android Studio project button, in the welcome to Android Studio dialog box.

  1. Choose basic (fundamental) activity not the default. Then click on Next button.
  2. Give a name to your application, such as My first Kotlin program .
  3. Make confirm that the Language is select to Kotlin.
  4. Leave the defaults for the other domains.
  5. At last, Click on Finish button.


Following are the Android Apps that are created using Kotlin for Android.

  • Pinterest - Pinterest is one of the most famous photo sharing app. It is one of the greatest names that have used Kotlin for the development of Android App. 
  • Uber. 
  • Atlassian | Trello.
  • Postmates. 
  • Evernote. 
  • Corda. 
  • Spring by Pivotal. 
  • Coursera


Some attributes that Kotlin has but Java does not :

  • Lambda statements
  • Inline functions 
  • Custom control structures.
  • Properties
  • Primary constructors.
  • First-class transference.
  • Smart representation.
  • Supplement functions.
  • Invalid safety.
  • String templates.


Kotlin features :

Useful features of Kotlin, that are used to enhance your Android App Development Process, are listed as follows.

  • Kotlin is Open-Source - Kotlin is a open source language so it can be downloaded easily free of cost. There is no need to pay any money for it.
  • Easy to learn - It can be used easily.
  • Kotlin Supports Full Java Interoperability - Kotlin fully supports and easily interfaces Java.
  • Data Classes in Kotlin - As Kotlin is an object oriented language so it uses data classes efficiently.
  • Collection Filtering - It is able to collect filtered data. It removes the bugs at run time.
  • Extension Functions - Kotlin uses high level of functions.
  • Reduces Crashes at Runtime - Kotlin is able to handle bugs at run time so it reduces or minimize  crashes at run time.
  • Smart Cast Function.


Kotlin advantages :

The main advantages of Kotlin are listed as follows.

A main target of Kotlin is to allow assimilated language projects. It is also introduced to upgrade or enhance syntax, along with compact (brief) statements and abstractions. Applying Kotlin with Java minimizes large ordinary code, which is a big victory for Android developers.

  • 1.  Less code : Kotlin allows to write minimum of code
  • 2.  Secure : Kotlin development provides more security and protection
  • 3.  High user support : Kotlin has a large or vast community
  • 4.  Compatible : Kotlin is totally consistent or compatible with Java
  • 5.  Kotlin reduces the runtime overhead
  • 6.  Kotlin solves developer problems or issues
  • 7.  Easy : Kotlin is easy to adopt and easy to use.
  • 8.  Platform independent : Kotlin supports the multi or cross platform development 
  • 9.Easy Maintainability - Kotlin is easy to maintain and it offers a high maintenance facility.
  • 10. Boosts Team Efficiency - It can increase (boost) the efficiency of team so that they can able to work more efficiently.


Kotlin Disadvantages :

Some drawbacks of Kotlin are listed as follows.

  • Kotlin is efficient to integrate with Java Codes but it’s syntax is not congenial/compatible with Java which is used for creating apps for various android platforms. 
  •  Variation or inconstancy in Compilation. 
  •  Reduced or limited Talent for Hire. 
  •  Restricted or narrow Learning Resources. 
  •  In real, Kotlin is still not Java.


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