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What is Oracle?

An Oracle database is a set of data which is used or managed as a unit. Oracle provides a exhaustive and fully combined storage of cloud applications and cloud oriented services.

The goal of a database is to save and fetch relevant information. A database server is the solution to resolve the drawbacks or issues of information management.

Oracle Database is the first database developed for business network evaluation, the most workable, efficient and price worthwhile method to maintain data and applications. Business network evaluation makes big area of business-standard, compatible storage and servers.

An Oracle database server utilizes memory structures and procedures to control and retrieve the database.

Processes are tasks that operate in the memory of these computers. 

All memory designs present in the main memory of the computers that make up the database system. 

Oracle database products give consumers cost efficient and top achievement brand of Oracle Database, the world's popular assembled, numerous pattern database management system, along with in memory,  MySQL databases and NoSQL .

Oracle Database is an Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). RDBMS is a new version of DBMS. RDBMS is a set of programs and abilities that allow IT professionals and other programmers to build, modify, administer a relational database or interact with relational database efficiently. The RDBMS is the world’s most popular database among various industries.

An RDBMS that executes object-oriented properties like inheritance, data abstraction, user-defined types,  and polymorphism is refers as an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS).


Oracle tools :-

A Database Application Development consists of following tools.

  • Oracle SQL Developer.
  • Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database.
  • Oracle Database XE.
  • Berkeley DB Family.
  • Application Express.
  • Oracle SQL Programmer Command Line (SQL cl)
  • Oracle Database Mobile Server.
  • Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.


Oracle functions and its types :

A function is a block of code that is used to return a single value. You must mention and explain a function before using it. A function can declare and define by giving a name to it. This function can be called anywhere in the program by its name. It reduces the code. If any code is going to use many times in a program then there is no need to write same code again and again. Just make a function of this code and call anywhere in the program when you need it.

There are two types of Oracle functions available. These are as follows : 

  1.  Single Row Functions: Single row also known as Scalar functions executes each row and return a result for each row that is worked in a query.
  2. Group Functions: Group functions return the values by the query and group them according the rows of data based on. 


Different functions in Oracle :

According to the type of function or category, below is the list of Oracle functions.

  • String/Char Functions. String functions is also called character functions. This can be classified into two types: first those that return character values and second those that return numeric values. 
  • Numeric/Math Functions- Numeric functions return numeric and mathematical value.
  • Aggregate Functions - This function is a combination of both string and numeric functions.
  • Conversion Functions. 
  • Analytic Functions. 
  • Large Object Functions.
  • General Comparison Functions. 
  • NLS Character Functions. 
  • Date/Time Functions.
  • Advanced Functions.


Features of Oracle :

Oracle features are listed as follows.

  • If there are multi user using a database then it is essential to manage data stability or uniformity and concurrency which are observed by Oracle. 
  • Support SQL and PL/SQL .
  • SQL problem solving and improved modification.
  • High data availability: Real-time applications need high data availability.
  • Excellent Automatic Indexing.
  • Concurrent or Real-Time Statistics.
  • Top performing computing ecosystems are created to offer data availability all time.
  • Remove duplicate (iterative) data
  • Pass through SQL or Automatic SQL Plan Management.
  • Supports Date-Time Data Types.
  • Provide Bitmap Based Count Distinct SQL Function.
  • Offers Result Set Support.
  • Provides Data Dictionary Translations.
  • Offers a set of high-frequency automatic and optimizer statistics.
  • Offers use of two-phase commit protocol.
  • Piece wise LONG Data Type.
  • Large data and performance enrichment for inner memory and outer tables.
  • According to the usage, real application clustering and flexibility make an Oracle database adaptable.
  • Composite Partitioned Tables.


Advantages of Oracle Databases :

Oracle advantages are listed as follows.

  • Low cost : Minimizes functional costs. 
  • Provides remembrance technology.
  • Backup and Recovery : It provides fast backup and recovery. 
  • High Security : Provides a safe hybrid cloud environment. 
  • Gives superior management of identity and user controls. 
  • For all data types uses a single database. 
  • Provides numerous database support. 
  • Offers higher scalability. 


Disadvantages of Oracle :

Oracle disadvantages are listed as follows.

  • It may be costly : In compare to other versions of SQL the cost of using Oracle SQL makes it at a big disadvantage . As we have to take a license version of Oracle for using it so the price variation begins with the licensing fees or charge which possibly up to ten times higher for Oracle.
  • Difficult to learn : Oracle SQL is also more tough to understand, learn and execute than its other adversary databases. A SQL Server version with user-friendly feature is easy and simple to establish and create with the lowest of modification. 
  • Occupy more memory space : As Indexes actually occupy more memory space on the Disk, when we use the Indexes then it will expand the unnecessary additional more disk price.
  • Slow down operations : Commonly indexes enhance performance and execution in our Select queries but slow down DML operations such as insert, update, delete operations.


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