Perl Homework Help

What is Perl? 

Perl is a general purpose and open source programming language which is licensed under its Artistic License, or the GNU General Public License (GPL), mainly designed for managing text or text administration and now utilized for a large variety of functions along with web development, system management, networking programming, GUI (Graphical User Interface) development, and much more.

Although Perl is not correctly an acronym but certain people used it as Practical Extraction and Report Language. Perl is a group of script programming languages developed by Larry Wall. Perl basically means to "Practical Extraction and Report Language," its syntax are identical to the C language. It is an open source, general purpose, older, simple language. So we can say that Perl is also called a scripting language which uses a syntax same as C and C++. It is basically used by web developers to make scripts for web servers.

Perl was developed with usability and practicability in mind. Its logical and effective design provides developers to perform a lot of work with a small block of code.

Perl is a stable, multi platform or platform independent computer programming language which is used broadly in the enterprises and exclusive computing areas. Due to its flexible, regularly development in text-processing and resolving issues efficiencies, Perl is the best choice among web developers.

Perl was acquired from AWK. It is an interpreted programming language developed for text processing and mainly used as a data extraction and reporting tool. It is a common feature of most Unix like operating systems. AWK is named using the first letter from the last name of each of its three authors (Aho, Weinberger, and Kernighan). The awk program is a tool designed for making reports.

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Uses of Perl

Perl is a powerful and flexible programming language. It is by far the best and most popular manipulation language. No other language offers such extensive and convenient text manipulation methods. Perl can also be used to connect to log management platforms like papertrail. The Perl-based solutions known as Bioperl is used for everything from retrieving Genomic sequences to studying population patterns . Aside from that, Perl is used for scripting system administration tasks. It also provides popular and effective testing solutions. Perl is also an important programming language for speech recognition and text-to-speech translation. Similarly, virtual machines running on private or public clouds can be managed with Perl.

Even today, some businesses and organizations use Perl to make the process more efficient and faster. 

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Primary and main tools for developers in Perl :

Basic tools for development of Perl are as follows.

  1. Integrated Development Environment (IDE): It require an integrated development      environment such as Komodo IDE. This Integrated Development Environment      used to do programming in Perl as well as also in other programming languages      like Node, PHP, Python, Go, HTML and so on.
  2. Text editors- Perl requires a text editor to write code such as Emacs. 
  3. Need frameworks for Perl.

Perl features :

The main features of Perl are listed as follows.

  • Suitable for critical mission : Used for mission critical projects in the public and private sectors.
  • Easily expandable : It can be extended easily.
  • Perl can handle and manipulate text easily.
  • Perls are easy to embed and install.
  • It allows or supports object oriented, procedural and functional programming. 
  • It supports the use of Unicode . 
  • Interface of C, C++ library. 
  • It can be easily integrated with database . 

Advantages of Perl:

The main advantages of Perl are listed as follows.

  • Platform independent : Perl is a multi platform oriented and it is suitable with mark-up languages like HTML, XML etc.
  • Text manipulation : It is more able to manipulate the text and string such as Regular Expression.  
  • Free and open source : It is a free and a Open Source language. There is no need to pay any money for it.
  • Secure : It observes like more secure language.
  • Support conventional method by using braces for functions and Loops.
  • Powerful : It is highly powerful programming language.
  • Flexible- It provides better flexibility so it is easy to modify it.
  • Multi purpose language : It is a multi purpose language. Means it is used for performing many tasks.
  • It is a grown up and developed language.
  • According to our need it can be vital, Procedural, Functional or Object Oriented.


Disadvantages of Perl:

Perl, like any other programming language, has the disadvantages listed below. Here are a couple of examples:

1. The major drawback of using this language is the need for continuous interpretation. If you modify the program, you must interpret it each time. As a result, the speed and accuracy of any program suffer.

2. Using Perl may be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the concept.

3.  Additionally, this language involves multiple strategies in order to produce results.

Therefore, it is regarded as unreadable and disorganized language.

4. Compared to other languages, this language is used rarely.

5. Fixing bugs in this language is extremely difficult.

6. Lack of Portability is another constraint of this language. 

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