Electrical Engineering Homework Help


What is Electrical Engineering (EE)? Explain in simple words .

Electrical engineering is one of the newer steam of engineering that dates back to the late 19th era. It is the field of engineering that operates with the electricity technology . 

Electrical engineering is a that type of engineering field in which humans innovate, build, enhance and connect electronic devices, tools and equipment. Electrical engineers utilize so many mathematics, science and research to create and develop all types of tiny and big devices and the electrical circuits that assist them to operate .


What do you study and learn in electrical engineering ?

Electrical engineering is an engineering area or sector associated with the study, manufacture, and application of appliances, devices, and systems which utilize electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. 

People who work in electrical engineering sector are known as electrical engineers .


What does an electrical engineer do ?

Working of an electrical engineer :

Electrical engineers work on a broad range of elements, devices and systems, from small microchips to large power station generators .

Electrical engineers build, develop, test, and inspect and handle the manufacture of electrical equipment. These electrical equipment may be communications systems, electric motors, radar and navigation systems, or power generation equipment . Electrical engineers can also build and develop the electrical systems of aircraft and automobiles .


Types of jobs in Electrical engineering :

After analyzing the important prospects of a career in electrical engineering, let's check out at different types of electrical engineering branches. We offer engineering homework help in various sub-topics like: Digital Computers, Electro-magnetism, Power Engineering, Telecommunications, Electricity Technology and Machines, Control Systems, Circuit Analysis, Signal Processing, Transmission and Distribution and much more.

Other branches where students can get homework help from our engineering experts include computer science, AutoCAD, MATLAB homework help, Mining Engineering, Biochemistry, Electronics Engineering and several other areas. 


Electrical engineering is better for a good career :

Career in electrical engineering :

Electrical engineering is an encouraging and auspicious career choice for young professionals as there are really thousands of job opportunities possible in the field . You can really work in any sector that uses electricity, right from government companies to private IT sector industries . Means it provides good job 

opportunities and better career .


What jobs can electrical engineers get?

The career paths you may consider in the electrical engineering field are as follows :

  • Electrical designer and Electrical engineer.
  • Electrical technician. 
  • Controls engineer. 
  • Broadcast engineer. 
  • Electrical project manager.
  • Technical writer. 
  • Substation technician. 


How will you become an electrical engineer ?

Eligibility for becoming a Electrical Engineer :

  • To get these courses you mainly require to get your Senior Secondary Certificate of Education. Means candidate must have passed 12th class or equivalent examination from a sanctioned school or recognized board with a minimum overall of 60% . 
  • To become an electrical engineer you mainly have to finish an engineering degree course at university or college with a stream in electrical engineering , communications engineering, electronic engineering ,  telecommunications and network, or electrical power . 


What are the prime or crucial fields of electrical engineering ?

Electrical engineering has now partitioned into a broad range of sub fields such as power engineering,  electronics, digital computers, telecommunications, computer engineering, control systems,  radio-frequency engineering, robotics, instrumentation, signal processing, and microelectronics .


What are elements or components of electrical engineering ?

It’s elements are as follows :

Capacitors, resistors, AC circuits, inductors, node voltage and mesh current analysis of circuits, Thevenin and Norton equivalents, phasors, impedance, electromagnetic fields, transformers, electric power, magnetic materials, generators and motors, operational elements of amplifiers, Current and voltage dividers and many more .

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