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What do you meant by Object oriented design ?

Object-oriented design (OOD) is the activity of using an object-oriented technique to create a computing system or application. It is one of the best method to software design.

Object-oriented introduces to a programming language, system or software approach that is create on the idea of analytical objects. It acts across the modelling, implementation and direction(control)of reusable objects to do a specific work, operation or objective.

Object-oriented design is the activity of planning a system of communicating objects for the motive of resolving a software problem. In simple words we can say that Object-Oriented Design (OOD) is used to create an efficient and effective system or application, which is integrated with objects and classes. The main entity focused on the use of objects and classes by which we create such a system that acquire the goal of the organization and user needs..

For developing the software, Object Oriented Architecture is an essential approach. Object oriented is depends on illustrating real-world objects. It is such a design pattern which divide the responsibilities for an application or system into separate reusable and self-sufficient parts. These parts are known as objects.


Examples of Object oriented design :

Allocate Object Duties and Draw Interaction Pictures

It displays the transmission of messages between software objects, and thus the calling of methods
Object-oriented design is considered with explaining software objects, their duties and cooperation. 


Steps of creating an object oriented design :

Following steps are use in the process of Object Oriented Design:

  • The first step is to create classes and their attributes, methods, relations, structure, and even protocol, are very important to apply in the design.
  • Construct the access layer.
  • Recognize access layer class associations and relationship.
  • Simply analyze classes and their relationships.
  • Repeat and rectify again.
  • Construct the view layer classes.


Object oriented design features :

There are four main features of object-oriented programming that makes them separate from other non- Object Oriented Programming languages these are :

 encapsulation, inheritance, data abstraction, and polymorphism.

  1. Inheritance : In inheritance, one class acquires the properties of another class. Means the properties of one class are inherited to another class. Means it Passes "Knowledge" Down. For example: in real life the properties of parents are inherited to their children. There are many types of inheritance available. These are- Single inheritance, Multiple inheritance, Hybrid inheritance, Multilevel inheritance, and Hierarchical inheritance
  2. Encapsulation : It is a method to bind together data and the code. It wraps(enclose) data in a single unit. It imposes Modularity.
  3. Polymorphism : Polymorphism refers one name and many forms. It can takes any shape but one name.
  4. Data abstraction : Data abstraction means hiding data. It shows only important data and hide background details. It is used to reduce the code. The best example of data abstraction is a switchboard. It shows only switch ON/OFF and hides the details of circuitry.     


Advantages of Object-Oriented Design :

These are as follows.

  • Extensible for simpler troubleshooting or efficient problem solving. 
  • Easier to test and maintain. 
  • Effective problem solving. 
  • OOP provides code reusability through inheritance
  • Flexibility(adjustable) through polymorphism. 
  • Offers greater security and protection due to data abstraction.
  • What to know about OOP developer jobs.
  • Object-oriented design is design to help model and manage and control difficult software solutions. It performs this by dividing the solution into smaller parts or pieces called objects


Disadvantages of Object-Oriented Design :

Some of the disadvantages of object-oriented programming are as follows.

  1. Excessive learning curve / time taking process: - The process concept or idea used in object-oriented programming may not be easy (common)for some people, and it can take more time to use to it. 
  2. Complex process :- It is a very tough job to create programs based on relationship of objects.

The object-oriented systems do not easily display the interactions or relationships between the objects in the system.


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