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What is HTML?

HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. It is the foundational language that is used to create a web page and its content. HTML also refers as the most fundamental building block of the Web.

HTML describes the meaning and structure or layout of web content. So in simple words we can say that HTML is an easy and simple language used to create websites and web documents. 

HTML used with some other technologies such as CSS and JavaScript to make web page’s appearance more beautiful and attractive. Links are a main aspect of the Web. Hyperlinks are used to connect one web page to other web page. We can navigate whole website through clicking on links.

HTML includes a set of elements. HTML elements inform the browser how to represent the contents.

For example, content could be arranged within a set of paragraphs, a list is arranged in bulleted points, or displaying data using images and data tables.

It is the standard markup language used to inform your web browser what each section of a website is. So, you can explain paragraphs, headers, links, text, images, lists ,and more,using HTML, so your browser aware of how to design the web page you're focus on. The HTML file is saved by giving a file name and then add ‘.html’ extension. For example: program.html.


How do we write HTML code?

Follow the following steps to write a HTML code.

You need a Notepad only for writing a HTML code. All HTML coding is done between different types of tags.

  1. Step 1: Open Notepad 
  2. Step 2: Write some HTML code into Notepad
  3. Step 3: Save the HTML Page with .html extension 
  4. Step 4: Open the HTML Page in Your Browser.
  5. Step 5: Your written HTML code is displayed as as web page.


A simple HTML program



<title> HTML program </title>


<body bgcolor="red">

<h1 style="color:white;">Hello everyone <br>

This is my first HTML program. </h1>



Write this code in your Notepad and save this file with .html extension. Then open this file in your browser, you will see a red page with white text written as-

Hello everyone 

This is my first HTML program. 

Now we are going to describe some tags as following :

HTML tag : HTML coding is totally written between different types of tags. It is a tag oriented programming language.

Each tag has its opening tag and closing tag as well. Such as <HTML>     </HTML>.

The first starting tag of program is <HTML> and the last tag of the program is </HTML>

Title tag : We give the title of the page enclosing with title tag inside header tag. This title will be displayed in the title bar of the web page. 

Body tag : Inside body tag we write our program. We can give the background colour, text colour, text style etc. 

Headings tag: We can assign headings by heading tag. These headings are seven types which are differ in size like h1 to h7. These are written as <h1>   </h1>, <h2>   </h2> and so on. The largest size heading is h1 and the lowest size heading is h7.

Paragraph tag : Inside Paragraph tag is we can write paragraph as <P>  </P>

Break tag : Break <br> tag is used to go to the next line.


HTML Uses :

  • Web document creation and development- HTML is mainly used for creating pages that are displayed on the web. 
  • Trimming edge feature- It is used to cutting off extra burden of coding.
  • Internet navigation- We can make internet browsing applications with the help of HTML.  
  • HTML supports Data Entry- We can enter and manipulate data easily in HTML.
  • Sensible images on web pages- In HTML we can insert images or videos easily. Although pictures and videos are easier to understand rather than text. So these are the best way to represent essential information. 
  • Client-side storage- It offers the facility to save client side data in a storage. 
  • Offline facilities usage- HTML can work offline. Internet is not necessary to run our HTML code. 


Features of HTML:

  • It is easy to learn and ease of use.
  • It is a markup language
  • Email and Placeholder attribute
  • It supports multiple platform or cross platform availability 
  • In a web page we can insert images, videos, and audios easily.
  • Hypertext can be added to the text.
  • Supports Progress tag
  • We can insert audio and video files: Audio and Video tags are the two main addition to HTML5. 


Advantages of HTML :

Some HTML advantages are as follows.

  • HTML is considered as a basic language of all programming languages.
  • HTML is free of cost.
  • Only text editor (Notepad) is needed, for creating HTML document. No other special software is required to write HTML code. 
  • It is platform independent- HTML page can be made on any hardware platform using any text editor. 
  • HTML is easy to learn, understand, use and implement.
  • We can edit HTML file easily. 
  • HTML structure’s are light weighted. 
  • HTML is supported by all Browsers. 
  • With other languages, HTML can integrate easily . 
  • There is no internet connection compulsory to run HTML code. HTML can work offline. You can create whole website offline and also display the design of whole website on your browser offline.


The Disadvantages of HTML :

Some HTML disadvantages are as follows.

  • Inadequate for dynamic pages.
  • Sometimes hard to learn.
  • uncertain behavior across browsers.
  • Restriction for displaying content.


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