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What is UML? Explain it.

UML refers to Unified Modeling Language . UML is a great language to build software solutions, application designs, system performance and business processes. Software developers use UML to create and develop diagrams and offer ready-to-use, meaningful modeling examples to the users or programmers. It is a general purpose modelling language. To explain a classic method to anticipate the system has been designed is the important goal of UML. It is very similar to diagrams used in another sectors of engineering.

Some UML tools make program language code from UML. UML is a kind of visual language, it is not a programming language itself.

UML (Unified Modeling Language) is a standard figures or symbols for the modeling of actual world objects as a first step in creating an object oriented program. It specifies one compatible language for defining , visualizing (perception ), designing , creating and documenting the monuments of software systems.

There are 14 UML diagram types available to assist you to create these behaviors.

Some examples of UML diagrams are - class, use case, activity, component, package, sequence diagrams, etc.

The present UML standards use different types of diagrams such as : Class Diagrams, Activity, Object and Class Diagrams, Use case Diagrams, Sequence packages, State, Components, Communication, Composite Structure, Interaction Overview, Timing, UML Diagrams, and Deployment.


The function of UML :-

UML is a pictorial or symbolic language, using for visualizing, determining, making, and documenting details and data about software comprehensive systems. UML provides a worth method to develop a system model with containing visionary concepts.


Characteristics of UML :

The main characteristics of UML are listed as follows.

  • UML is a generic universal modeling language.
  • It is utilized to conceive the function and progress of the system.
  • It is a graphical language means it visualize data in picture form rather than text.
  • It is used to create significant modeling artifacts.
  • It is associated to object oriented analysis and design.
  • It is dissimilar from other programming languages such as Python, C++, etc.


What do you meant by Object oriented design ?

Object-oriented design (OOD) is the activity of using an object-oriented technique to create a computing system or application. It is one of the best method to software design.

Object-oriented introduces to a programming language, system or software approach that is create on the idea of analytical objects. It acts across the modelling, implementation and direction(control)of reusable objects to do a specific work, operation or objective.

Object-oriented design is the activity of planning a system of communicating objects for the motive of resolving a software problem. In simple words we can say that Object-Oriented Design (OOD) is used to create an efficient and effective system or application, which is integrated with objects and classes. The main entity focused on the use of objects and classes by which we create such a system that acquire the goal of the organization and user needs.

For developing the software, Object Oriented Architecture is an essential approach. Object oriented is depends on illustrating real-world objects. It is such a design pattern which divide the responsibilities for an application or system into separate reusable and self-sufficient parts. These parts are known as objects.


Steps of creating an object oriented design :

Following steps are use in the process of Object Oriented Design:

  • The first step is to create classes and their attributes, methods, relations, structure, and even protocol, are very important to apply in the design.
  • Construct the access layer.
  • Recognize access layer class associations and relationship.
  • Simply analyze classes and their relationships.
  • Repeat and rectify again.
  • Construct the view layer classes.


UML advantages :

The main advantages of UML are listed as follows.

  • UML are used to create code from the design, use design patterns, quarry requirements, contradiction engineer code, and execute effectively and complication investigation. These rich benefits of UML tools make UML itself the running modeling and improving (advancing) language in the sector of software engineering.
  • Widely used and flexible : UML is one of the most widely used and efficient language.
  • The system software should be communicated effectively : The system software of UML is interfaced efficiently.
  • UML provides rich development tools : UML provides very efficient and effective tools.


Disadvantages of UML : Reasoning against UML :

Some disadvantages of UML are listed as follows.

  • Valid script or code is not compulsory : UML doesn’t require formal notation (code) so it is not appropriate for a good language.
  • Time consuming : One of the biggest disadvantage of UML is time taking processes. Some developers observe that when they using UML, it consumes more time to operate and maintain UML diagrams. 
  • Increasing order of complexity - It’s complexities are increased like a ascending order means from bottom to top or low to high. 
  • Ambiguous Benefits - It is very difficult to decide what is beneficiary and what is not, means it is not clear.
  • It’s diagrams can be confused or enormous. Diagrams are not too much clear to describe data.
  • Too much based on design - It’s main emphasis on design rather than data.
  • Not important in ordinary design architecture : It is not appropriate for creating ordinary system designs.


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