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BIM 360 is an integrated platform that provides the facility of integration between project team workflow and real-time computerized design data from other construction management software. It is made on Autodesk Forge platform with open and strong application programming interface. The integration feature is used to create a holistic views of project that shows data from other construction management software and maintains a common location. The various connected data points in BMI360 provide the project team real-time reports, access to centralizing information, explore the project workflows, and avoid data discrepancy and repetition.

Along with the online cloud platform such as AWS extra benefits are added like high computing power, Application Security, massive data storage, quick deployment, and content access all over the globe. IT infrastructure professionals, BIM Developers, and administrators now prefer their BIM 360 integration workloads on the Cloud platform.


An organization using BIM 360 to manage the complete project by several benefits of using the BIM 360 for construction Projects: 

  • Supporting knowledge base decision-making during the project 
  • Important design fault predictions. 
  • Mitigate the design/project risk.
  • Management of design discrepancies and alterations.
  • Sharing the files and distribution.
  • Successful project design and aim to Profitable project completion.


BIM 360 provides vast features while using the application during the project:

  • the learning of civil design fundamental tools.
  • Start managing their project data in the cloud.
  • Pre-defined Architectural structures.
  • Upload files from various sources and types.
  • Infrastructure model standards. 
  • Manage the files in the project.
  • Markup tools for reviewing the project and communicating through the workflow. 
  • Integrated files to highlight clashes and issues to the project team.
  • Various modules for visual review the status of your projects.


BIM is called Building Information Modeling.

It is a methodology of building digital models that simulate real-life objects (often interpreted as a process in the building industry, a methodology, or for some even a philosophy). First associations are often 3D modeling. This is a necessary part, but further, BIM combines 3D design concepts + it adds technical data, facts, and numbers to the model.


One BIM model has two sides:

  1. Geometry: systematized 3D visualization (not dummy masses, but systematically organized components like walls, floors, doors made from digitally described concrete, timber, etc…)
  2. Information database: technical data connected to each building component (e.g. a wall has the area, volume, layer thickness, thermal properties, acoustic properties, fire protection class, supplier information, data about environmental impact, etc…).

Due to the database, BIM Models allow numerous analyses within the design/construction/or operating process. These are also named as, 4D for timeline, 5D for costs, 6D for sustainability tracking, 7D for facility management.

The database part allows simplified creation of tendering documents because all building elements are already described and all quantities could be extracted from the BIM model. As geometry and technical data are integrated, you can do regular cross-checks to identify possible errors and conflicts.


BIM is a process that is used in the software namely:

  • SketchUp: is easy and simple to learn and understand as it provides a high user interface so it is made user-friendly.
  • AutoCAD: AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application that is used for accurate 2D and 3D drafting, design, and modeling with solids, surfaces, mesh objects as well as electrical diagrams, construction drawings, and more.
  • Revit: Revit is computer software used to design buildings, mechanical parts, and many other designs based on Civil, Mechanical, and electrical engineering.
  • Revit Architecture: Revit architecture is basically a 3D designing software with enables you to design and analyze any structure.
  • Vectorworks Architect.
  • ArchiCAD.
  • DataCAD.
  • Vectorworks Designer.
  • AutoCAD Architecture: AutoCAD offers the modelers, engineers, drafters, and architects the to build significant and dominant 3d models, wireframes, meshes & surfaces by utilizing different 3D tools & commands.


Advantages of BIM:

- Reduces disciplinary conflicts

- Reduces clashes and provides resolution

- Improves productivity

- Reduces rework

- Accurate visualization


Building Information Modeling (BIM) lifecycle view.

1) Construction management: 

      - scheduling

      - logistics, 4D

2) Specifications: 

     - Classification standards

     - specification sheets

     - estimates accounting

3) Facility management: 

     - maintence

     - guaranties

     - letting, sale, operations

4) Procurement: 

     - price database

     - product databse

5) Document management: 

    - estimates

    - conditions

    - requirements

    - functional requests

6) simulations: 

    - life cycle cost

    - environment

    - life time predictions

7) design: 

    - drawings, calculations

    - architect, engineer

    - visualization, 3D models

8) law and regulations:

    - Regulations

    - specifications

9) service: 

    - logistic

    - engineering

    - industry


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