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What is SWIFT programming?

Swift is a most dominant and automatic programming language. It is created by Apple. It is used to create applications for iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and so on. 

Swift is a general-purpose and robust programming language which is use to design software programs using a modern approach including safety and performance. The main objective of the Swift project is to build the best available language for uses covering from computers programming, to mobile and desktop apps, measuring up to cloud services.

If you are a beginner or you have not any prior knowledge of programming, then Swift is only as hard as any other programming language. There is a reason to learn Swift – it is easy to learn, vast and difficult, but not inaccessible to learn.


Uses of SWIFT programming :

It is a strong and powerful programming language developed by Apple used to make applications for iOS, macOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Swift merges the best languages developed by developer like Python and JavaScript. Its syntax pattern is clear, compact, understandable, and maintain.

Swift’s designed to provide developers more power and privilege than others. Swift is simple to understand, use and open source, so anyone with a plan can make something unbelievable.


SWIFT Examples :

Swift is a new powerful and automatic programming language for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS app development. Swift also offers significant versions of the three basic collection types - Array , Set , and Dictionary.

Swift also provides many built-in data types such as - numbers, string, integer, floating-point numbers, and Booleans. Almost every programming language use these data types.


Where can we use Swift programming language?

Swift program can be written interactively and with enjoyment, the syntax is compact even so expressive, and Swift involves latest features so developers like it. Swift code is safe and secure by design, at the same it also construct software that runs easily fast.

It is now a platform independent programming language that can be utilized on the top three operating systems. This means that Swift is used to make web services and even web applications and, in the upcoming days , developers might realize even more uses for it.


Features of Swift programming language :

Swift covers features that make code easier to read and write, while providing the developer the control required in a exact systems programming language.

  • These are very powerful, capable and easy to use.
  • Tuples and multiple pay back profits.
  • On time Error Reporting
  • Generic code writing even easier through Protocol extensions.
  • Checked overflow for arrays and integers.
  • Generics are easy to use and maintain.
  • Powerful built-in error handling.
  • Architecture(framework) that keeps methods, extensions, and protocols.
  • Closures are associated with function pointers.
  • Syntax that we used,are small and light-weighted.
  • Simple and easy functional programming design
  • Fast and brief repetition over a scope or collection.
  • It removes unsafe code from the entire classes.
  • All the time variables are initialized before use.


The benefits of Swift Programming Language :

  • Rapid Development Process - It is fast- Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C architecture. It also helps to save system’s cost.
  • It is safe and secure.
  • Scalability of the Applications: 
  • Improved Performance and Safety: 
  • Easy to Integrate with Objective-C: 
  • Reliability - SWIFT is more reliable than other programming languages.
  • Minimum maintenance cost 
  • Superior user experience. 
  • Effective memory management techniques are used. 
  • Easy Swift Programming Language is used. 
  • Quick (fast)Development Process
  • Expandability of the Applications- These are easy to use and measure. 
  • Better and increase Performance and Safety


Drawbacks of Swift Programming language :

  • The language is still young - No enough people familiar with it.
  • Narrow technique pool- It provides limited talent field.
  • Low integration (coordination) with third-party tools and IDEs.
  • Insufficient cross-platform support.
  • For earlier(old) iOS versions, SWIFT provides lack of support


Difference between swift and java:

-   Swift is a most dominant and automatic programming language. It is used to create applications for iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and so on. The swift language developed by apple.
- Swift released in 2014
- It can use for mobile programs
- It is a popular programming language in the current
- Linux as well as macOS x, iOS, and for the apple TV and apple watch 
- Swift is also a one programming language, and the code of it's really most simple or even preferred to see as well as create
- Simple code readability
- Latest programming language
- Now very popular
- High computer performance
- In the future a lot of change it is popular.
- Java is a powerful general-purpose and high-level programming language.
- Java language released by sun Microsytem
- Java releases in1995
- It also can use mobile programs
- It is one of the best computer programming languages
- Java as well real within the comparison of C++
- Java defined as the first language in the computer programming with security
- Complex readability in the comparison of java
- Old programming language
- Not popular as swift
- Low computer performance
- Very few changes of popularity.


Benefit of programming:

-   Super open source community: throughout Dec  2015 the apple introduced swift being an  open source programming language with regard to iOS. These days, swift gets open   source programming language.
- Effortless program code readability: swift can be one of many programming languages which can be extremely most straightforward or even most comfortable to read as well as create.
-   Platform independent: java supply the comfort and ease associated with help to make or even develop a program once as well as run one hardware as well as one particular software program. 
-   Distributed: java also contained the extraordinary ability of the network, and in addition it created to produce to make or make accessible to distributed. 


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