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Research on Neural Decoding

Conduct a detailed study on and present a report on Neural Decoding which divulges the process of electric signals which are sent to the brain through sensory organs.

Comparison of Digital Fingerprinting and DNA Fingerprinting

This topic should be a scientific controversy. I have taken - is fingerprints more reliable evidence than DNA fingerprinting.

Case Study of Dudley Dawes: Development of pneumonia

Applied Bioscience GMED 2000 Assessment 1:  Integrated Case Study Patient profile:Name: Dudley DawesDOB: 12/12/1942Address: 18 Stridor Place, South Guildford WA 6055Reason for admission: Dudley is an...

Antibiotic Overuse and Resulting Drug Resistance

 PUBH6005 and Title EpidemiologyThis assessment addresses the following learning outcomes: 1. Apply common epidemiological concepts including incidence and prevalence of disease, mortality and survival and age standardisation...

Technology in safe transfer of monoclonal antibody PH

Technology Transfer Module Assignment Criteria.Product PH123 is being transferred from sending site ABC Pharma to receiving site Phantom Pharmaceuticals. As the Project Manager, you are required to:Carryout a critical analysis...