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Reflection on Health of Aboriginal People: Assessment 2 Part A Answer

Select an ‘issue’ to critically reflect overThis can be something that has challenged/impacted your thinking.  For example, something that you heard in a lecture, read in the Module Student Workbooks or discussed during...


CMII 101: Assessment 1Due: Week 6 — Tuesday April 9Write a descriptive essay of 800-850 words.Possible topic:• a current technology • building relationships • business models or strategies •...

Developing Teaching Practice as a Mathematics and Numeracy Teacher

Carrying out teaching practice in the post compulsory sector while functioning as a mathematics and numeracy teacher has helped me identify areas for development. This is being achieved using models of reflective practice which I use to...

Linking Operant Conditioning Learning Theory with Five Fingers Facilitation Model

Prepare a conceptual model linking Operant Conditioning Learning Theory with Five Fingers Facilitation Model. Also write a reflection on the activity discussing your learning from the study of different facilitation models. 

Aha moment :Responsible Leadership Effectiveness Portfolio

Topic: Responsible Leadership Effectiveness PortfolioLearning Outcomes:Demonstrate effective leadership skills.Effectively communicate complex concepts and information relating to responsible leadership.Critically reflect on responsible...

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Affordances in Relation to Digital Technology

Discuss the term 'affordances' in relation to digital technology. Give a practical example and link your theoretical discussion with the real-world situation of affordances in digital technology.

Classroom Learning: Keeping Students involved

I need you to write 200 words on the following questions: > How is coding supported in the classroom? Benefits? > How is Kahoot (Quiz) be supported in classroom? How does it keep the students engaged? > Why is it...

Critical Analysis of Journal Article: Applying Ethical Theories

Assignment Task Writing a critique of an academic journal paper. The rationale for this first summative assignment is to Introduce you to the Library and the Library systems.  Develop the academic skills for working at...

Evaluation the English textbook for EFL learners at Secondary School in Thailand

Write an essay on "Evaluation the english textbook for EFL learners".

Discuss the problem of spanish student in speaking english

Q. Discuss the problem of spanish student in speaking english.