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Criminal Law

7LA524 llm legal scholarship Summative Assessment Answer

Complete the following tasks and submit your portfolio to the relevant submission point of the Legal Scholarship’s Blackboard by:Deadline: Wednesday 15th January 2020, 13:00pmThe purpose (learning outcome) of this CW is:To provide...

Forensic Court Report to Defend the Accused

This is the assignment page for your final written submission - the Forensic Court Report. This assignment will be worth 30% of your final grade and will test your knowledge of forensic studies in the context of the courtroom, including...

Theories of crime and Punishment

Discuss and analyze the theories of crime and punishment.

Forensic Law: Case Judgement and Decision Analysis

Writing Case Notes - LawNote:  Before attempting to write a case note, familiarise yourself thoroughly with the case.  It is also useful to have a good understanding of the legal principles being addressed in the...

Research Essay: Queensland Criminal Law

Question 1 – The Bangkok RulesPathways feminism has impacted not only on the development of criminological theory but also the advancement of gender specific policy and practice to better meet the  needs of women in the...

Critical Reflection on Criminal Justice Article

CJS 109 ESSAY ASSIGNMENT Law and Social controlWill harsher social control penalties create less crime?What are critiques of each learning theory?Why is it important to understand why some people commit crime?