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Health and Safety law

Legal, Ethical, Policy and Theoretical Aspects of CTO Assessment Answer

The prescriptive nature of Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) has led to debate about the coercive nature of this legislative development. This debate helps to show the interface between ethics and the law in mental health practice: on...

Mental Health Policy Analysis Assessment Answer

Please read reading 2.1 (link under reading & resources tab) Althaus, C. M., Bridgman, P., & Davis, G. (2013). Policy analysis. In The Australian policy handbook (5th ed., pp. 59-89). Crows Nest, Australia: Allen & Unwin....

Standard of Care in Australian Negligence Law

1. Describe the standard of care in Australian negligence law and discuss its role in limiting the behaviour of doctors. If you choose this question, your essay must do the following:Set out the basic requirements of the law of...