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Customer Relationship Management

Wellington Based Restaurant: Service Blueprint

You are a Hospitality consultant who has been approached by Mr John Smith.  Mr Smith has just purchased a 50 seat licensed restaurant in Courtenay place Wellington, that provides an eclectic mix of bistro style food and an extensive...

Research Methodology: Mystery-Shopping in Retail Sector Australia

MBS520 Research Preparation for BusinessUnit description The aim of the unit is to provide students with the opportunity to develop a critical understanding of the value of research in the business context in order to build business...

Impact of CRM on Customer Retention: A Case of Starbucks

Business Organizations are expected to emphasize on customer relationship management to ensure customer retention in the current scenario of global competition. Considering the case of Starbucks, present a detailed analysis of the...

Research and Data Analysis of VISAMO

Write the topic on" Research and Data Analysis of Visamo".Q1: Problem statementQ2: Research questionsQ3: Literature reviewQ4: Research methodologyQ5: Data analysis and findings

Critical Evaluation of Journal Articles: Consumer Behaviour

Write a PPT on "Critical Evaluation of Journal Articles".Taks:You are to find a recent peer reviewed journal  article about consumer behaviour  for the product categories:- Motor Cycles

The Factors That Influence Mobile Phone Users : A Study

University of SundelandWrite a title on 'The Factors That Influence Mobile Phone Users' Intentions To Adopt Mobile Advertising."

Impact of Customer Satisfaction Over Organisational Growth

UK College of Business and ComputingWrite a topic on "Impact of Customer Satisfaction Over Organisational Growth" and follow the structure:1) Topic of Research2) Research Questions3) Where will your research take place?4)...

TV Advertisement as a Tool of Customer Information

College: Khawarizmi International CollegeCode: CIN301Task:1- Is there verbatim copying or unidentified and unacknowledged quotation of another's work or from Internet?2- Is there paraphrasing of another's work by simply changing...

Demarco's and its Organizational Customer Service and sales Associate Team

Question:1. Issues identified in De Marco2. what do you see as the advantage and disadvantage of the incentive system that DeMarco’ is using for sales associations? What impact do you think it is having on the DeMarco’s...

Importance and Implementation of Public Relations Plan at Woolworths

PRS304 Public Relations Writing & Media TechniquesTask: For your major project, you will be required to produce a Public & Media relations plan for a real life organisation of your choice and present the plan to the class...