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Organizational Training and Development

Organizational Creativity and Innovation in Apple

Subject Code and TitleBIZ301 Organizational Creativity and Innovation Learning Outcomes: a) Differentiate between the processes of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurshipb) Identify organisations that develop and foster the...


ERP System for Richard Antiques Imports

For this assessment, you have selected Odoo Community edition for the given case study. You have been asked to prepare a report detailing the ERP implementation plan for the given case (Refer to the case study). Your report should...

Organizational Structure: Flatarchy and Holacratic Structure

The office manager must 'report' to the Firm Director by the deadline set by the office manager. The office manager will change for each activity. The Firm Director will give the office manager feedback about each task/activity...

Application of MAS in Apple and Cannon

Part A of the task requires you to analyse the case given below in relation to the principles of managerial accounting. Your analysis should be followed by the conclusion and recommendations for the company. In Part B you should...

Training and development in Organization

DIscuss the need and importance of training and development in an organization along with the interdependence between the two policies of training and development.

Key Strategies and Organizational Online Work Chain: Amazon

Consider the key strategies and organizational online work chain at Amazon and write a report analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the company based on its online work chain processes.

Organizational Structure: Heytsbury Holdings Ltd

Conduct a detailed study on the organizational structure of Heytsbury Holdings Limited. The focus should be on analysing the structure in terms of contemporary organizational structure requirement of business houses.

Heytsbury Holdings Limited: Contemporary Value Propositions

Conduct a study on Heystbury Holdings Limited to gain an understanding of the contemporary organisational value propositions.

Organizational Development: Case of Best Buy

Assignment Details: Students are given a case study on areas related to organisation development. Students are to analyse the case by providing an overview of the case, problems and challenges confronting the organisation. In the case...

Personal Leadership and Managerial Development

Unit 6.7   Personal Leadership and Management DevelopmentLevel 6    10 CreditsSuggested resourcesThe art and science of 360 degree feedback, Lepsinger, Richard; Lucia, Anntoinette D, San Francisco Calif.; Jossey Bass,...